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Imdad Kun Imdad Kun Lyrics by Owais Raza Qadri

Imdad Kun Imdad Kun Ya Ghaus e Azam Dastagheer Imdad Kun Imdad Kun Ya Ghouse Azam Dastagir - Naat Lyrics. Ya Ghaus Al Madad - ...
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Translation of Durood-e-Ibrahimi “O AllahD, let Your Blessings come upon MuhammadH and the family of MuhammadH, as you have blessed IbrahimS and his family. Truly, ...
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Story of Prophet Ibrahim Alaihi salam – Part 3

The story continues from the previous post The Migration of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) continued spreading the word of Allah (s.w.t.) and guide ...
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Muhammad Owais Raza Qadri Biography & Naat Sharif Collection

Muhammad Owais Raza Qadri Biography Muhammad Owais Raza Qadri is the most popular Naat Khawan in the world, and surely he is the most heartily ...
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Maula Ya Salli Wa Sallim Lyrics in Hindi

Maula ya salli wa sallim (Qasida Burda) in hindi मौला या स़ल्ली व सल्लिम दाइमन अबदन अ़ला ह़बीबिक ख़ैरिल-ख़ल्क़ि कुल्लिहिमि मुह़म्मदुन सय्यिदुल-कौनैनी वस्सक़लयनि वल्फरीक़यनि मिन ...
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Story of Prophet Ibrahim Alayhi salam – Part 2

The story continues from the previous post Miracles of Allah (s.w.t): Ibrahim (A.S.) had been saved from the fire People who worshipping statues did not ...
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Hadith Chapter 1: صحيح البخاري: كتاب بدء الوحى

حديث‎ كتاب بدء الوحى : صحيح البخاري عمر بن الخطاب‎: رواه عائشة رواه عائشة رواه رواه جابر بن عبدالله رواه سعيد بن جبير رواه ٱبْن ...
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Prophet Ibrahim AS

Prophet Ibrahim AS (Abraham) Life, Complete Story in English

Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) is also known as Ibrahim Khalilullah(خليل الل), Khalilullah means Friend Of Allah. Ibrahim AS had become the forefather of many Prophets and ...
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Surah Al Kausar Benefits And Virtues That Every Muslim Should Know

Surah Al Kausar is the shortest surah of the Quran. Allah revealed this surah to announce the good news to the prophet (PBUH). This surah ...
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Story of Prophet Salih (as) and Thamud city

Prophet Salih (Saleh) S in Quran Lots of the Prophets talked about within the Quran, are Prophets shared with Christianity and Judaism, for his or ...
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Story of Prophet Hud AS (Prophet Eber) and People of Aad

Hud (A.S) was despatched to the individuals of Ad (Kaum-e-Aad or Qaum e Aad). These individuals lived within the windswept hills of space between Yemen ...
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Life Story Of Prophet Nuh AS ( Prophet Noah) In Islam

Family tree of Prophet Nuh A.S. (Noah) He was Nuh A.S. (Noah) ibn Lamik, ibn Mitoshilkh, ibn Idris A.S. (Enoch), ibn Yard, ibn Mahlabeel, ibn ...
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