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The story of Bilqis the Queen of Saba (Sheba)

Prophet Sulaiman alaihissalam had a huge army that consisted of men, jinns as well as birds and animals in his troop. He use to follow ...
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Story of Prophet Sulaiman Alaihissalam

Prophet Sulaiman S was the son of Prophet Dawud S who was a wise king of the Israelites. Prophet Sulaiman S was born in Jerusalem, ...
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Talut and Jalut in Islam

Talut and Jalut story in Islam Bani Israel as we all know has been the most stubborn nation of all times. Despite witnessing numerous miracles ...
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Story Of Prophet Dawud Alaihissalam

Prophet Dawud alaihissalam was one of the righteous people of Banu Israel who joined the army of Banu Israel when he was a very young ...
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Story of Prophet Al-Yasa alaihissalam

Prophet Al-Yasa also referred to as Elisha was one of the prophets of ALLAH (SWT) sent down for the guidance of Banu-Israel. It is mentioned ...
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Story of Prophet Ilyas alaihissalam – Elijah in Islam

Prophet Ilyas (Elijah) alaihissalam also spelled Elias was the descendent of Prophet Haroon alaihissalam. He was sent to guide the children of Israel to the ...
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Story of Prophet Yunus Alaihissalam

Prophet Yunus (as) was chosen by ALLAH SWT for prophethood to guide the people of Nineveh to the truth and spread the message of ALLAH ...
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Story of Prophet Dhul-Kifl (Zulkifli)

ALLAH SWT sent thousands of prophets for the guidance of humankind one after another. The children of Israel have been the most stubborn and were ...
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Story Of Prophet Hizqeel Alaihissalam

It is stated by Mohammad ibn Ishaaq that Prophet Hizqeel alaihissalam succeeded the Israelis as a prophet after Prophet yusha Alaihissalam. Though Prophet Hizqeel alaihissalam ...
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Story of Prophet Yusha Alihissalam

Yusha bin Nun was a Prophet of ALLAH SWT and was the direct descendent of Prophet Yusuf alaihissalam. He was the disciple of Prophet Musa ...
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Prophet Haroon Alaihissalam

Haroon alaihissalam was the elder brother of Prophet Musa alaihissalam and was one of the noble prophets of the people of Israel. He was born ...
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Durood-e-Akbar “O AllahD! May Thy grace and peace rest upon MuhammadH, our Master, the Prophet of Arabia of Quraish Tribe, of Hashmite Family of Mecca ...
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