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Ayat e Karima – La ilaha illa anta Subhanaka Inni Kuntu Minaz-zalimin

ALLAH (S.W.T.) guided us through the Holy book Quran which contains solutions to all our worries and difficulties. La ilaha illa anta subha naka inni ...
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Story of Harut and Marut

Story of Harut and Marut

Harut and Marut were angels sent to Babylon to teach magic to humans and test their faith in ALLAH SWT, however, they would not teach ...
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prophet musa and al-khidr

Story Of Prophet Musa (a.s.) and al-Khidr (a.s.)

The beautiful story of Prophet Musa and Al-Khidr is mentioned in the Quran in Surah Al-Kahf. Al-khidr is not mentioned by name in the Holy ...
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How To Perform Wudu

How To Perform Wudu (Ablution)

Wudu is a ritual way of purifying oneself by cleansing the parts of the body with pure and clean water. It is mandatory to perform ...
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4. Surah An-Nisha

4. Surah An-Nisha – Women

Surah: 4 & 5 Title: Surah An-Nisha Juz No.: 4 Verses (Ayat): 176 total ...
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Para 5 Wa’l-muḥṣanātu

Para 5 – Surah An-Nisha – Verses 24 to 147

Al-Quran para 5 Wa’l-muḥṣanātu (And prohibited are the ones who are married). Starts from Surah An-Nisha Verses 24 ...
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Para 6 Lā yuḥibbu-’llāhu

Para 6 – Surah An-Nisha – Verses 148 to 176

Al-Quran para 6 Lā yuḥibbu-’llāhu (Allah does not like). Starts from Surah An-Nisha Verses 148 ...
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How to Perform Ghusl (Purification Bath) in Islam

One of the most important aspects of Islam is Purity/Taharat. Prophet Muhammad SAW said:  “Cleanliness is half the faith (Emaan).” Sahih Muslim. Many Ahadeeths and ayahs ...
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Halal And Haram Food In Islam

ALLAH SWT created us in the best form and has provided us with his countless bounties. ALLAH SWT refers to the Ummah as the best ...
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Prophet Isa alaihissalam

Story Of Prophet Isa Alaihissalam

Prophet Isa alaihissalam ibn Maryam alaihissalam was the penultimate prophet and was sent for the guidance of Bani Israel. As we read in the story ...
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Maryam A.S. in Islam – Mother of Isa A.S. (Jesus)

Maryam bint Imran (Daughter of Imran) holds a dignified and exalted rank in Islam and She is the only woman mentioned in the Holy Quran, ...
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Prophet Yahya Alaihissalam (John the Baptist)

Prophet Yahya alaihissalam ibn Zakariya alaihissalam was the only Prophet sent to Bani Israels who was named by ALLAH SWT itself. The name Yahya means ...
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