2. Surah Al-Baqara – Verses 253 to 274

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2 Surah Al-Baqara - Verses 253 to 274

Surah Al-Baqara – Verses 253 to 274 English Translation

ALLAH in the name of The Most Affectionate, the Merciful.

  1. These are messengers! That in them We caused one to excel upon the other: to some of them Allah spoke: and some one is he who was raised high in degrees over-all, and We gave clear signs to Isa son of Marium and aided him with holy spirit and had Allah so willed, then those who came after them would not have fought among themselves after the clear signs had come to them. But they differed, some of them remained faithful and some became disbeliveers and if Allah so willed, they would not have fought; but Allah does whatever He desires.
  2. O Believers! Spend in the way of Allah out of what We have given you before coming of the Day in which there is neither trafficking not friendship and nor intercession for infidels and the infidels are themselves the persons unjust.
  3. Allah is; none is to be worshiped save Him, He is Himself Alive and Sustainer of others. Slumber seizes Him not, nor sleep. To Him belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever in the earth. Who is he that would intercede with Him save by His leave. Knows He what is before them and what is behind them and they get nothing of His knowledge save what He desires. The heaven and earth are contained in His Throne and their guarding is not a burden for Him and He is the only Exalted, the Supreme.
  4. There is no compulsion in religion; no doubt the virtuous path has become clearly distinct from the erring; then whoso does not accept devil and believes in Allah, he grasped a very firm knot which is never to open and Allah Hears and Knows.
  5. Allah is the Protector of Muslims; brings them out from darkness towards light and the supporters of infidels are devils, and they bring them forth from light towards darkness. They are the people of hell, they are to abide therein.
  6. O Beloved (Prophet)! Had you not seen him who quarrelled with Ibrahim about his Lord because Allah gave him Kingdom? When Ibrahim said, my Lord is He who gives life and causes death, said he, ‘I give life and cause death’. Ibrahim said, ‘Well, Allah brings sun from East: bring it you from the West. ‘Thereupon the infidels were confounded and Allah guides not the unjust people.
  7. Or like him who passed by a town and it was laid down fallen upon its roofs. Spoke he, ‘How Allah shall give life to it after its death. Then Allah kept him died for a hundred years; then gave him life. Said, He! ‘How long you stayed here, submitted he ‘I would have stayed a full day or a little less.’ He said, ‘No you have passed a hundred years, and look at your food and drink; they are not stinked as yet and look at your ass whose bones even are not safe. And this is that We may make you a sign for the people. And look at these bones how, We set them up, then cover them with flesh. When this matter became clear to him, said, ‘I know very well that Allah is Potent over all things.
  8. And when Ibrahim submitted, ‘O my Lord, show me how You shall give life to the dead.’ Said He, ‘do you not believe.’ Submitted he, ‘why not, but I like that my heart may be at rest. ‘Said He, ‘then well, taking four birds, make them familiar to you, then put a part of each of them on each hill, thereafter call them they will come to you running with their feet. And know that Allah is Mighty, Wise.
  9. The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like that of a grain which caused to grow seven ears and in each ear one hundred grains and Allah may increase more than that for whomsoever He pleases; and Allah is Bountiful, All-knowing.
  10. Those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah, then after spending neither boast of favours onferred nor injure, their reward is with their Lord, and they shall have no fear, nor any grief.
  11. To speak kind word and to forgive is better than that; charity followed by injury. And Allah is above want, Clement.
  12. O Believers! Void not your charities by boasting of your favours conferred and injuring, like him who spent his wealth for showing to people and believes not in Allah and Last Day. Then the example of him is like that of a smooth rock on which is dust of earth; now a heavy rain fell upon it leaving it a bare stone. They shall have no control on anything of what they have earned and Allah guides not the infidels.
  13. And the example of those who spend their wealth in seeking the pleasure of Allah and for strengthening their hearts is like that garden which is on an elevated ground; a heavy rain fell upon it then it brought forth its fruits two fold; again if a heavy rain reaches it not, then dew suffices. And Allah is seeing what you do.
  14. Would any one of you like it that he would have a garden of dates and grapes beneath which rivers would have been flowing; for him, there is every kind of fruit in it, and old age came to him and he has weak children, then came a whirlwind on it in which there was fire, so it was burnt? Thus Allah explains to you His signs, so that
    you may ponder.
  15. O Believers! Give something of your pure earnings and of what We produce from the earth for you; and intend not to give especially vile of it, whereas if you get of it, you will not accept unless you close your eyes in it. And know that Allah is free of all wants, Praiseworthy.
  16. The devil dreads you of destitution and commands you of lewdness, and Allah promises you forgiveness and abundance. And Allah is All-Embracing All-Knowing.
  17. Allah grants wisdom to whom He pleases and he who got wisdom indeed got abundant good; and none accepts counsel but men of under” standing.
  18. And whatsoever you spend or vows Allah knows it and the unjust have no helpers.
  19. If you give charity openly then what a good thing it is; and if you give to beggars hidingly it is better for you than every thing, and He will remove some of your sins. And Allah is Aware of what you do.
  20. To guide them is not your responsibility; yes Allah guides whomsoever He pleases. And whatsoever good thing you give it is for your own good, and it is not proper for you to spend but for seeking pleasure of Allah and
    whatever of wealth you give, you will get back in full and you shall not be wronged.
  21. For those beggars who are detained in the way of Allah, they cannot move about in the earth. The ignorant man thinks them wealthy because of their restraint. You shall recognise them from their faces; they do not beg of men importunately. And whatever you give in charity Allah knows it.
  22. Those who spend their wealth (in charity) in the night and in the day secretly and openly. They have their reward with their Lord. There is neither any fear nor any grief to them.

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