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The holy month of ramzan has started and muslims all around the world have started doing fasting which starts from sunrise and ends till sunset. having fast is one of the 5 pillars of Islam so people do it as a compulsion but many of them don’t know how actually benefit fasting is. so here in this hindi video about fasting, i will tell 29 / 30 benefits of fasting which anyone can get. all major religion teaches us about fasting and now even science proofs why fasting is important so today we will discuss this topic in detail.

1) Blood pressure
2) Alzheimer
3) Cancer
4) Diabetes
5) Strong immunity
6) Brain power
7) Inflammation
8) Stress and mental health
9) Brain protein and memory
10) DNA
11) Cleaning and healing
12) Detoxification
13) Deal with craving
14) Body composition
15) Addiction
16) Less hunger high metabolism
17) Insulin sensitivity
18) Cardiovascular health
19) Decrease blood sugar
20) Improve blood triglycerides
21) Improve heart performance
22) Low aging
23) Weight loss
24) Injury recovery
25) Skin health
26) Stress response
27) Cell recycling
28) New habit
29) Self control
30) Discipline

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Visit Dar-us-Salam.com and Learn about the Prophet's Life.

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