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Welcome to Muhammadi Site,
Muhammadi site is a beautiful blog that provides Islamic stuff like images of Mosques, Dargahs, Surahs of Quran, links of Islamic sites, free Islamic books and much more Islamic stuffs.

Here you can explore Mosques and Dargahs from around the world, link your Islamic site to Muhammadi Site, download Islamic e-books on many languages like English, Arabic, Hindi and others

The Muhammadi Site provides beneficial reading material and with time I will add more and more to the blog, Insha-Allah, So please do come back soon and keep visiting to see updates.

This blog can be very useful for you to read Surhs of Qur’an, Kalemas and more Islamic articles in Arabic English and Hindi language.

I hope that you have found this site beneficial so far. If you found something is incorrect, then please do bring it to my attention via comments or Contact form. I will try to get back to you promptly if you need extra help posted. Suggestions to improve my site are also welcome.

You may use any part of this blog to publicize the Deen of Islam. Also share links and pages with your family and friends.

You may add your Islamic site URL to this blog in Islamic Web Directory, It’s absolutely free.
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Some of the contents on this site are taken from the other sources. I do not own the rights to these contents. I have added links or credit to original contents. For e.g. Islamic Books are taken from E-Da`wah Committee So you will see the “E-Da`wah Committee” Links at the bottom of every “Free Islamic Books” pages.

JazakAllahu Khairun.

About Me

My name is Amad Sama (Nickname is Wasim) living in Rajkot city (India) and I am Sunni Muslim, I have completed my BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) from Saurashtra university – Rajkot. I have been working in Ambiw Web Agency as a Web Developer since May-2013.
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