Story Of Prophet Isa Alaihissalam

Prophet Isa alaihissalam

Prophet Isa alaihissalam ibn Maryam alaihissalam was the penultimate prophet and was sent for the guidance of Bani Israel. As we read in the story of Maryam alaihissalam that Maryam alaihissalam was a special child as her mother Hannah dedicated her child(Maryam) for the worship of ALLAH SWT and serving the Holy House even before … Read more

Prophet Yahya Alaihissalam (John the Baptist)


Prophet Yahya alaihissalam ibn Zakariya alaihissalam was the only Prophet sent to Bani Israels who was named by ALLAH SWT itself. The name Yahya means “Life” as He gave life to His mother’s barren womb. ALLAH SWT gave him the most unique name which nobody ever had. It is mentioned in the Quran: His name … Read more

Prophet Zakariya alaihissalam


ALLAH SWT blessed mankind with many Prophets from time to time, for their guidance. One of them was Prophet Zakariyah alaihissalam who was a Prophet from the Bani Israel. He was one of the descendants of Sulaiman alaihissalam. It is said that He led a simple life and earned his livelihood working as a carpenter. … Read more

Story of Prophet Uzair alaihissalam


Prophet Uzair alaihissalam was a pious and God-fearing. Uzair alaihissalam is mentioned int the Holy Quran in Surah Tawbah in which it is said that Jews honoured him as “the son of ALLAH SWT”. The Jews say, “Ezra is the son of Allah,” while the Christians say, “The Messiah is the son of Allah.” Such … Read more

Shia (Isaiah) Alaihissalam


Among the various Prophets sent for the guidance of Bani Israel, Prophet Shia (Isaiah) alaihissalam was also a Prophet sent to the Israelites. It said that Prophet Isaiah alaihissalam appeared before Zakkariya alaihissalam and Yahya alaihissalam and He was the one who prophesied about the coming of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and Prophet Isa alaihissalam. He … Read more

Hazrat Daniyal (Daniel) Alaihissalam


Hazrat Daniyal (Daniel) alihissalam was one of the Prophets sent to the children of Israel. He is not mentioned in the Quran by name, however, there are some hadiths and Islamic narrations which give details about Him. On account of some Muslim traditions, it is said that Daniyal alaihissalam preached in Babylon and reminded the … Read more

Prophet Aramaya (Jeremiah) Alaihissalam


Prophet Aramaya (Jeremiah) alaihissalam is regarded as a Prophet in Islam and Hebrew Bible however He is not mentioned in the Quran by name. Although, He is described by Muslim scholars in various Islamic literature. Prophet Aramaya was also sent for the guidance of Bani Israel and tried his best to guide them to turn … Read more

Story of Prophet Sulaiman Alaihissalam


Prophet Sulaiman was the son of Prophet Dawud who was a wise king of the Israelites. Prophet Sulaiman was born in Jerusalem, Palestine. He was a great learner and observer and learned a lot from his father Dawud . Prophet Sulaiman is mentioned in the Holy Quran by his name 17 times in 16 verses, … Read more

Story Of Prophet Dawud Alaihissalam


Prophet Dawud alaihissalam was one of the righteous people of Banu Israel who joined the army of Banu Israel when he was a very young boy. He was among those who agreed upon fighting with the people of Jerusalem to capture the Holy land as commanded by ALLAH SWT. Prophet Dawud alaihissalam is known as … Read more

Story of Prophet Al-Yasa alaihissalam


Prophet Al-Yasa also referred to as Elisha was one of the prophets of ALLAH (SWT) sent down for the guidance of Banu-Israel. It is mentioned in some narrations that Prophet Al-Yasa alaihissalam was the cousin of Prophet Ilyas alaihissalam and grew under His care. Also, he was the successor of Ilyas alaihissalam. Prophet Al-yasa is … Read more