The Prophet’s Miraculous Night Journey: A Gift and a Test

What kind of gifts was the Night Journey to the Prophet from his Lord? How did it distinguish between the true believers and others? What lessons did it mean to teach?

Lessons from Al-Israa’ and Al-Mi`raj (Part 1)

The article provides some of the lessons to be learned from the Prophet’s night Journey to Jerusalem and then to the Heavens.

Changing the Qiblah: From Sanctification of Space to Sanctification of the Lord of Space

Changing the Qiblah was intended as the abolition of the sanctity of space whatever it may be and the confirmation of the sanctity of God Alone wherever the Qiblah direction may be

Hijrah: Perfect Planning and Reliance on Allah

Tawakkul (putting your trust in God) along with observing worldly material means is the components of success. See how the Prophet applied them throughout Hijrah journey.