“O AllahD! Shower Thy blessings on Hazrat MuhammadH ever and ever until Thy blessings are to be showered. Grant Thy bounty and mercy on MuhammadH until Thy bounty is granted and mercy is showered. The most selected favours on the Spirit of MuhammadH amongst all persons, on the name of MuhammadH amongst all names, on the heart of MuhammadH amongst all hearts. Thy most bountiful favours on the grave of MuhammadH amongst all graves, on the tomb of MuhammadH amongst all the bodies, on the clay of MuhammadH (tomb) amongst all clays. May Allah shower His blessings on MuhammadH the best of all that and on the descendants of MuhammadH, on the Companions of MuhammadH, on the friends of MuhammadH, and on all his family members, O! Merciful Almighty AllahD and Great Merciful”

Benefits of Durood-e-Roohi

This Salawat is usually recited in the graveyard while paying homage to the deceased. When it is recited, Allah showers His blessings on the deceased. When the sons go to the graveyard they should recite the above Durood Shareef on the graves of their father and mother, and all the parents who have passed away.

Reference: madinasharif.wordpress.com

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