Translation of Durood-e-Shifa

“O AllahD! Shower Thy blessings on the soul of MuhammadH amongst all Souls, on the heart of MuhammadH amongst all hearts, and on the body of MuhammadH amongst all bodies, and on the grave of MuhammadH amongst all graves”

Benefits of Durood-e-Shifa

A poor man complained to Hazrat Shahabuddin Ibn Arslan (RadiAllahu Anhu) about his illness. The disease was incurable. No doctor or physician could even suggest any medicine for his disease. Hazrat Shahabuddin (RadiAllahu Anhu), who was a very great Saint, listened patiently to this poor man and then told him to recite Durood-e-Shifa. The poor man immediately did so and his illness disappeared so quickly as if it was never present. The poor man gladly returned to his house.

Durood e Shifa ul Quloob

Durood e Shifa ul Quloob - Durood-e-Shifa-e-Quloob

Translation of Durood e Shifa ul Quloob

“O AllahD! Send Blessings and peace upon greatest leader MuhammadH and his Progeny who cures souls comforts bodies (in disease) and is the light of eyesight. And mercy and peace upon him and his Progeny and Companions.”

Durood Sharif Collection

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