Events That Took Place When Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Was Born

Prophet Muhammad Story Part 2

Prophet Muhammad Story Part 1 – Events That Took Place Before Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) Was Born

Prophet Muhammad SAW was born into one of the most powerful and best tribes in Mecca, the Quraish, around 570 A.D.

ALLAH SWT sent Prophet Muhammad SAW as a blessing and mercy for the entire mankind.

The month of Rabbi-ul-Awwal is the blessed month in which the World witnessed the birth of the greatest human on Earth, our beloved Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds. (Quran21 :107)

Certain miraculous events took place during the time of the Prophet’s birth that made everyone realize that a virtuous and great personality is about to come on earth.

1. Aaminah felt light within Her.
Mother Prophet Muhammad SAW Aaminah felt light within her since the time she conceived him, and on the day of His birth, that light shone from her so intensely that she could see the castles and palaces of the Levant. (Ibn Ishaq)

2. A star was born the same night Prophet was born.
According to some Jews scholars, they knew that a messenger would arrive and they knew the movements of stars. When Prophet Muhammad(SAW) was born, Jewish scholars knew that the last prophet was born. It was observed that the sky was celebrating this great news with cressets of brightly shining stars.

3. It was reported that significant precursors accompanied his blessed birth: fourteen galleries of the Persian emperor Kisra’s palace cracked and rolled down, the Magians’ sacred fire died down and some churches on Lake Sawa sank and collapsed. (The Sealed Nectar)

4. Most of the idols, which covered the Qaaba with darkness and filthiness, broke and fell when Prophet Muhammad SAW was born. This miraculous event was witnessed by the entire world. Our beloved Prophet set the Qaaba free from those idols and also replaced the idols in hearts with the faith of Islam.

5. On the night when Prophet Muhammad SAW was born, the lake of Sawah which was worshipped and was vast enough for ships to sail in it, dried up.

6. The night that Muhammad SAW was born, Allah SWT commanded the angels to open wide all the gates of Heaven and Paradise; on that day the sun shone with more brilliance, and greater was its light than on other days, and the whole world was gladdened.

7. The night Prophet was born, the valley of Samawa disappeared under the floods. The Valley of Samawa and the City of Samawa were covered by floods making people terrified. The people of the city sought refuge by climbing up the hills and mountains in horror. Then they wrote a letter to Kisra, explaining the situation, and asked for food and drink from him.

8. The night when Prophet Muhammad SAW was born, the fire of the Persians that has been burning continuously for one thousand years was set off giving a sign of the message the Prophet SAW would carry to us to worship Allah alone.

Abu Nu’aym reports from Abdullah bin Abbas RA, who narrated that the mother of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, Sayyidah Amina Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anha used to state:

“When the Messenger of Allah SAWwas born, HE fell straight into prostration. Then I saw a white cloud from the sky appearing and covering the Messenger of ALLAH (SAW) such that HE disappeared from me. When the cloud appeared, I saw that the Prophet SAW was covered in a white woollen shawl and there was a green mat spread on the floor. Within the hands of the SAW, there were three keys made of diamonds and there was an unseen voice heard saying, ‘The Messenger of Allah SAWhas grasped the key of giving victory, the key of giving benefit, and the key of Prophethood.’ Then I saw another cloud which enclosed the Messenger of Allah SAW such that he disappeared from my view and it became illuminated. I saw that the Messenger of Allah SAW is holding a folded piece of green silk in his blessed hands and an unseen voice was heard was saying, ‘How great! How great! The Messenger of Allah SAWhas grasped the whole world; all the creation has entered into his grasp, with none left out.’”

The mother of Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf Radi Allahu Anhuma, Ash Shifa also attended the birth of the messenger of ALLAH and says:
“When HE dropped into my hands HE sneezed and I heard a voice saying, ‘May Allah have mercy upon you!’ The entire horizon became illuminated for me whereby I was able to see the castle of the Greeks.”[Dalail an-Nabuwwah lil Bayhaqi, Vol. 1, Page 12, Dalail an-Nabuwwah li Abi Nu’aym, Vol. 1, Page 136]

And ALLAH knows best.

Events That Took Place Before Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) Was Born

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