Habil and Qabil True Story – Abel and Cain Story in Urdu

Habil and Qabil True Story

Abel and Cain Story in Urdu

Habil and Qabil were the two sons of the prophet Adam. Habil (Abel) had a twin sister and Qabil (Cain) had a twin sister. When time came for them to get married Allah allowed them to marry the twin sister of the other because of the necessity of the situation (Cain marries Abel’s twin sister and Abel marries Cain’s twin sister.) However, Cain’s sister was more beautiful than Abel’s sister so he wanted to marry her instead. Adam (may allah bless him) refused this, and proposed a deal, whoever offered a sacrifice to Allah and the his sacrifice was excepted would marry Cain’s sister. Allah would send down a flame from the heavens to consume the offering if it was accepted. Cain offered a bundle of bad plants, while Abel offered a fat healthy goat. Abel’s offering was accepted while Cain’s was not.
This is just a shot story of the two sons of Adam AS Habeel and Qabeel story in Urdu.

Source – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uQ0xkXGS1o

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