Prophet Ayyub (Job) Alaihissalam – Story of Hardship And Patience


ALLAH SWT sent down 100000s of prophets in different periods to spread his message to the people. All the prophets faced many tests and trials during their journey to spreading Islam. The story of Prophet Ayyub(as) is very inspiring for all Muslims. Prophet Ayyub(as) was the direct descendants of the prophet Ibrahim(as). Prophet Ayyub(as) possessed a very high lineage and had a great spirituality and faith in ALLAH SWT. Prophet Ayyub(as) was born in Basan, Syria.

Prophet Ayyub(as) was a wealthy man and affluent of huge lands, lots of cattle, unlimited live stocks, and many children. Despite being the wealthiest among all, Ayyub(as) was the most thankful and obedient to ALLAH SWT. He was far far away from arrogance or superiority and was always there for the needy and deprived. ALLAH SWT tested Ayyub(as)’s patience by eliminating everything he possessed. Everything was taken away from him one by one and Ayyub(as) passed this test from ALLAH SWT with patience and perseverance. Allah SWT mentioned prophet Ayyub(as) in Quran for the first time in this surah:

Indeed, We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], as We revealed to Noah and the prophets after him. And we revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, the Descendants, Jesus, Job, Jonah, Aaron, and Solomon, and David, We gave the book (Al-Quran Surah An-Nisa, 163).

And Prophet Ayyub(as) is mentioned in Quran several times referring to his thankfulness, gratitude, and immense patience.

The substantial life of Prophet Ayyub(as)

Prophet Ayyub(as) was the richest man with many children, a loving wife who Rahma, Volumetric land, and enormous animals. He was blessed with almost everything that a person needs, aspiring for a great living in the world. However, having all the worldly needs fulfilled he never deviated his mind and heart from the remembrance and thankfulness of ALLAH SWT. He was chosen by ALLAH SWT for prophethood and carried out all his duties with complete patience and devotion. Prophet Ayyub(as) was humble, courteous, and respectful to everyone. He carried out ALLAH SWT’s message with much dedication and told people to believe in one ALLAH SWT and to do good deeds and evade form evil.

Trials and tribulations faced by prophet Ayyub(as)

Prophet Ayyub(as) has always been grateful to ALLAH SWT in his good times. He used to thank ALLAH SWT all the time without fail. Seeing Ayyub(as) gratitude and thankfulness towards ALLAH SWT satan used to feel jealous and decided to deviate him several times but failed every time. One day satan told ALLAH SWT that “Ayyub is thankful to you all the time since you have bestowed him so many favors”. And he said if everything is taken away from him he will not be thankful anymore. ALLAH SWT knows every heart and knows the best, and ALLAH SWT knew that Ayyub is the most sincere and righteous believer. To show satan, the ultimate loyalty and the infinite gratitude of his beloved Prophet.

ALLAH SWT tested his patience and thankfulness toward HIM by taking away everything from him. ALLAH SWT tested him to extent that HE took not only his wealth but his children and health but Ayub(as) never loosed his hope in ALLAH SWT and remained patient and thankful to ALLAH SWT for every hardship he faced. With every hardship, his gratitude for ALLAH SWT intensified.

Prophet Ayyub (as) had 14 strong, beautiful, and righteous children. He was tested with his children as well. His household was smashed over his beautiful family and all died at once. he remained calm and thankful in such a painful situation as well and said “Allah gives me what is good for me, and takes away what Allah sees that is displeasing for Him and me. Allah sees that all of these children may be a strong test & trial for me, so Allah took them away from me. Whether a thing is beneficial or harmful to me, I will remain firm in my belief and remain thankful to my Creator.”

Ayyub(as) was tested further and his whole body was covered with painful sores filled with worms. He was tested with an external disease as well as an internal chronic disease. All his friends and relatives left him all alone and never came near him. His entire body was suffering from illness and pain except for his heart and tongue which were always busy in remembrance and thankfulness of ALLAH SWT. Despite all the pain and hardship Ayyub(as) remained thankful and steadfast in his faith.

The ultimate patience of Prophet Ayyub(as)

Prophet Ayyub(as) suffered many hardships, lost his land, all his pasture was burned, he lost all his children. He was severely ill and had all his body was covered with sores. He did never complained to ALLAH SWT for anything he suffered even in such a difficult situation. He faced everything with immense perseverance and still was thankful to ALLAH SWT. His companions and friends used to say that Ayyub might have committed a severe sin, and so this is his punishment and wrath from ALLAH SWT. To this Ayyub(as) patiently replied “I swear by the Might of my Lord, and He is a witness that I never ate anything without sharing it with the poor and orphans. And whenever I came across two worship acts, I always preferred the more difficult.”

Ayyub(as) suffered all his pain and hardships with much patience that no one can imagine. His wife Rahma took care of him and remained by his side throughout. Satan tried to distance Rahma from Ayyub(as) but failed again. When Ayyub (as)’s wife once asked him to ask ALLAH SWT to cure him and help him from all his losses, Ayyub(as) replied I enjoyed the wealthy and happy life for 80 years and I am suffering from this test just for 8 years, then how can I complain and ask refuge from this test from ALLAH SWT.

Prophet Ayyub(as) recovered from his illness and hardships by ALLAH SWT’s mercy

Prophet Ayyub(as) endeavored all calamities and illness with ultimate patience without uttering any complaint, always thankful even in his worse conditions. When he started feeling helpless he called upon ALLAH SWT to seek his mercy. “Difficulty has certainly afflicted me and You are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy”. (Surah Ambiya-83).

ALLAH SWT responded to his prayers immediately and granted him Shifa and ALLAH SWT instructed him “Strike the ground with your foot, This is a spring of water to wash in and cool and a refreshing drink.” And We gave him back his family, and along with them the like thereof as a Mercy from Us, and a reminder for those who understand.”(Al-Quran Surah Sad 38:41-43).

Prophet Ayyub(as) did as ALLAH SWT command and struck his foot on the ground. A spring of cold water gushed out and Prophet Ayyub(as) drank and washed his body from the sacred water and all his sores healed instantly. Drinking the water treated his internal organs and they all started functioning again. And Ayyub(as) got recovered from his inner and outer illness instantly by the grace of ALLAH SWT. ALLAH SWT also restored all his wealth and animals and gave him more children than before.

ALLAH SWT gave Ayyub(as)’s example in Quran saying: And (remember) Ayyub when he cried to his Lord, (saying): Harm has afflicted me, and you are the Most Merciful of the merciful. Therefore We responded to him and took off what harm he had, and We gave him his family and the like of them with them, a mercy from Us and a reminder to the worshippers.” (Al-Quran21:83-84).

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