Story of Prophet Hud AS (Prophet Eber) and People of Aad


Hud (A.S) was despatched to the individuals of Ad (Kaum-e-Aad or Qaum e Aad). These individuals lived within the windswept hills of space between Yemen and Oman. These individuals had been bodily nicely constructed and had been very rich and had been very happy with their power. Allah (SWT) had given them the whole lot, youngsters, plenty of cattle, horses, camels, and so forth.

The individuals of Aad knew Allah and worshiped him however with that, they worshiped idols too, together with the varied gods that they made with their very own fingers. Worshiping Allah in addition to one thing else or another person is called SHIRK and Allah (SWT) doesn’t tolerate it.

They constructed palaces and had been proud of it. They didn’t worry Allah nor did they consider that they may ever die. They seemed across the earth and discovered that they had been the strongest individuals on earth, which made them proud and obstinate.

Story of Prophet Hud AS (Prophet Eber)

Hazrat Hud A.S. (Prophet Eber) informed them, “O my individuals, serve Allah, you don’t have any different god than him. Definitely you do nothing however invent (lies). What occurred to your pondering? If you happen to give a canine a bone he’ll always remember it, he’ll grow to be your slave and can by no means depart you, however you permit your creator for others. Have you ever ever seen any chicken or animal prostrating (Sajda) to anybody? However, his individuals had by no means given a thought to the Day of Judgment or Allah. So how would he reply him? In order that they informed him that one thing was improper with him.

The wealthy individuals informed him, “O Hud (A.S) we really feel you might be out of your thoughts or you’ve gone mad. We predict you’re a liar.” He replied, “Nor am I mad, nor silly, nor am I liar however I’m your Prophet ( Nabi ) to the information you in the direction of your proper path, to warn you in the direction of the day of Judgment ( Akhirat ), which is most sure.”

They argued with him saying, “O Hud (A.S) you might be like us, how can a person be a Prophet (Nabi)? When you find yourself a standard man and never even wealthy?” Hud (A.S) informed them, “O my individuals, Nuh (A.S) was additionally a Prophet (Nabi) who was ship to his forefathers. Do you assume Allah will go to every individual to inform him that is proper and that is improper?”
They informed him, “As a result of our idols have gotten indignant on you, you’ve gone out of your head or you’ve gone mad.” Have you ever observed how Hud (A.S) addresses his individuals by saying, “O MY PEOPLE?” and in return all he obtained was impolite feedback and imply remarks. Think about what he should be feeling, he didn’t despair. Allah offers in every Prophet (Nabi), the love for his individuals.

Hud (A.S) stated to his individuals, “O my individuals, these statuses are made you and it will probably hurt nor they will do any good. Every part is in Allah’s hand. Even a leaf turns together with his will. I believe my Allah, who’s my creator and your creator as nicely.” Folks informed him, “When will your Azaab (punishment) come, which you at all times scare us of? Carry Azaab (punishment) on us if you’re truthful?” They may have requested Allah for the suitable half however they didn’t care about the suitable path or of the hereafter (akhirah).

Allah stopped the rains and there was a famine, crops and animals had been dying and due to that, there was no new cultivation as nicely. Everybody in Qaum e Aad needed rains and each had their eyes on the sky, their important intention was “THE RAIN.”

Allah has made man in such an approach that he can not do something himself. He’s dependent and solely depending on Allah for the whole lot. Then he acts too sensible. After in the future, the individuals of Aad noticed a black cloud, which was an indication of rain and so they had been overjoyed about it. Prophet Hud (A.S) (Eber) understood that the cloud was the signal of Allah’s Azaab (Punishment).

Qaum e Aad par Azab (Punishment on people of Aad)

Allah had given them an ample period of time to know him however even the stopping of rain didn’t make them perceive Allah. Prophet Hud (A.S) warned them that this rain was not a cloud of rain however a cloud that incorporates wind, and on this wind, there’s Azaab (punishment). Then when Allah informed him, Prophet Hud (A.S) moved out of the city together with his believers, as Allah’s Orders. This wind began changing into quicker, it turned so quickly that it began carrying individuals with it, and likewise no matter that got here in its approach. These had been the identical individuals who used to say that nobody could possibly be stronger than them. They had been flying within the air banging to one another, shouts of males, girls, and youngsters could possibly be heard, however, who might have saved them? This wind continued for 7 days and eight nights. Who might cease this rain? Every part was destroyed and nobody alive.

They didn’t even have anybody to mourn their loss of life. All of them remained immobile and vultures used to come back and eat them.

ALLAH SAVE US ALL FROM HIS AZAAB. ( AMEEN ) Allah sends his Rehmat on all prophets. All praises are for ALLAH.

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