The Story Of Prophet Idris (A.S.) ( Prophet Enoch) In Islam

The Story of the Prophet Idris (A.S.) (Enoch)

Prophet Idris (A.S.) (Enoch) was born at the time of Adam (A.S.). In order that they each met one another. So Idris (A.S.) born throughout Adam’s lifetime and he lived 120 years of Adam’s life. He was thereafter which he lived throughout Sheeth (A.S.) (Seth) lifetime.

Prophet Idris (A.S.) is also known as Akhnukh. His Lineage is like this: Idris son of Yarid son of Mahlaeel son of Qinan son of Anoush son of Prophet Sheeth (Seth) (A.S.) son of Prophet Adam (A.S.)

In response to a hadith from Abu-Dharr, it’s narrated that 30 books had been revealed on Idris (A.S.) (Enoch) and different traditions state that he was the primary one that had initiated writing with a pen. So writing earlier than Idris (A.S.) did not exist till Allah (S.W.T.) taught him the right way to write and he’s the one who taught folks the right way to write. Allah (S.W.T.) awarded Idris (A.S.) with ability in varied fields of science, akin to arithmetic and astronomy. Prophet Idris additionally recognized to be knowledgeable in making the instruments of human wants. He knew all of the languages on earth.

It’s narrated from Wahab that Idris was a well-built man with a broad chest. He had much less hair on his physique and extra on his head. His one ear is larger than the opposite. He had scanty hair on his chest and spoke in a low voice. Whereas strolling his toes used to come back shut to 1 one other. He is named Idrees as a result of he used to show in regards to the magnanimity of Allah (S.W.T.) and the excellence of Islam. Reference

Prophet Idris/Enoch (A.S.) was the third Prophet

When Idris (A.S.) got here after Sheeth (A.S.) (Seth), He was in fact the ruler. A Prophet and a Messenger and their chief, and He dominated by Allah his legislation and He modified a number of the Shariah of Sheeth (A.S.). And one of many issues that Idris got here up with at the moment was ‘Jihad’. The primary Prophet and Messenger to name for Jihad (combating within the path of Allah (S.W.T.)) was Idris (A.S.) (Enoch).

When He (A.S.) noticed the corruption spreading, particularly among the many folks of Cain, and that corruption is spreading even inside the folks of Prophet Idris. So Prophet Idris (as) declared a conflict towards corruption and towards the corrupt folks. He ready a military of Horseman and folks strolling and combating towards the folks of Cain. Allah (S.W.T.) gave victory to Prophet Idris (A.S.).

And Allah (S.W.T.) says within the Quran: “And point out Ishmael, Idris, and Dhul-Khifl. All had been of the affected person and we admitted them into our mercy. Certainly, they had been of the righteous.” (21:85-86)

Allah (S.W.T.) speaks about Him in Surat Maryam: “And point out within the guide, Idrees, Certainly, He was a person of reality and a Prophet. And we raised him to an excessive station.” (19:56-57)
Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), when He (PBUH) went to the Isra Wa Miraj, on the journey of the Miraj, He (PBUH) met Prophets and messengers in each heaven and He (PBUH) met Prophet Idris (as) within the fourth heaven.

Allah revealed to Prophet Idris sooner or later, the rewards of all the nice deeds of Mankind every single day. Over his personal deeds, Personal rewards, over the nice deeds of Idris (A.S.). Allah (S.W.T.) additionally offers him the rewards of all of the folks residing on the time of Prophet Idrees (A.S.). So Idris (A.S.) thanked Allah (S.W.T.) and He (as) realized that the one approach to improve extra rewards is to reside for longer.

And one of many Angels was an excellent buddy of Prophet Idris (A.S.) and a companion to him. So Prophet Idris advised this Angel that “Allah (S.W.T.) revealed to me that every single day I get all the nice rewards and the deeds of all of the folks on the floor of this earth without my very own rewards, on the high of my very own good deeds. Is there any likelihood that you could possibly discuss to the Angel of Demise and ask him to delay my life and for me to reside even longer?”
So the Angel stated: “we are going to see.”
So Prophet Idrees (A.S.) went on the again of this Angel and flew with him all the way in which to the heavens. After which they met with the Angel of Demise on the fourth heaven.
So this Angel advised the Angel of Demise that “Idris is asking that for those who might make him reside longer?”
So the Angel of Demise stated, “And the place is Idrees?”
He stated, “He’s on my again.”
So the Angel of Demise stated, “Wonderful”
Angel requested, “What’s Wonderful?”
Angel of Demise stated, “Allah (S.W.T.) ordered me to take the soul of Idrees within the fourth heaven and I questioned How I’m going to do that. I used to be amazed. Subhan Allah, Allah (S.W.T.) made it occur.”

Prophet Idrees (A.S.) got here with one intention, Angel of Demise got here with one other and Allah (S.W.T.) solely occurs what He wills.

Prophet Idrees (A.S.) handed away and His soul was taken within the fourth Heaven. the only Prophet who handed away to the fourth heaven. Subhan Allah.

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