Story of Prophet Salih (as) and Thamud city


Prophet Salih (Saleh) S in Quran

Lots of the Prophets talked about within the Quran, are Prophets shared with Christianity and Judaism, for his or her tales are sometimes advised within the Bible.
Such Prophets as Moses, David, Solomon, and Abraham are just some of the well-known names.
Islam, in fact, acknowledges all former Prophets, believing that God Almighty (Allah E) dispatched them all through the historical past of mankind to each nation to talk His message.
“Certainly! We dispatched a messenger to each nation” [An-Nahl:36]

Our Prophet Muhammad H is the very final in an extended line of such messengers. His message was for all folks and all the time.

The Quran, although, additionally tells us about some Prophets who will not be talked about within the Bible. One in every of these is Prophet Saleh S (peace be upon him). His story is attention-grabbing as a result of AllahE doesn’t simply inform it as soon as within the Quran, however many instances. Prophet Saleh S lived within the area of Al-Hajr, which was positioned alongside the commerce route from southern Arabia to Syria. The town of “Madain Saleh” lies a number of hundred kilometers north of Madinah in modern-day Saudi Arabia is known as after him.

The rock dwellings during which the folks lived are nonetheless to be seen there to at the present time. Prophet Salih S was referred to as to evangelize a message to the folks of Thamud. In accordance with the Quran, these folks cultivated very wealthy fertile land, they usually had turned into very useless due to their wealth. In addition, they worshipped many gods, oppressed the poor of their midst, and lived lives that had been removed from the type of lives Allah E needed them to guide.

Prophet Salih’s S message was quite simple: He advised his folks to show away from the dangerous conduct and to show, as an alternative, to the One God, Allah E, who gave all of them the nice issues they loved. Now that does not appear a really tough message to know, does it? But the folks of Thamud had been very cussed of their methods and refused to settle for the message which Saleh S was bringing them.

Allah’s E works in very unusual methods, generally fairly past our comprehension. The way in which Allah E selected to talk to the folks of Thamud was by means of the story of a she-camel! That is, maybe, the very first thing we should always notice in regards to the story of Saleh S it’s advised within the Quran.

Allah E can select any technique to convey His message to us. We are sometimes gradual to grasp, however, He can converse to us by means of folks and occasions, or He may even converse to us by means of the instance of a camel. The truth that He tells us the story not as soon as, however many instances, is a certain signal that its message is essential. The story as advised within the Quran goes like this.

The folks of Thamud had been very useless they usually refused to just accept that Salih S was a messenger despatched from Allah E, in order that they requested him for an indication to show his credentials. [Hud:62] They requested him, actually, not only for any signal, however one thing fairly particular. They pointed at an enormous rock that was standing by itself and proposed to him that he ask his Allah E to create a she-camel out of it.

Allha (SWT) created She-camel from the rock

Regardless of their obstinacy, Prophet Salih S did this, on the situation that they would consider in Allah E if he produced the she-camel from the rock, and to this, they agreed. Prophet Salih S then fervently prayed to Allah E to reply to their request. The large rock moved and break up, and from it got here an exquisite she-camel, which was pregnant and shortly to offer to begin. Allah E supplied the Thamud folks with this miracle to check them, to see if they might obey His orders.

Saleh S advised them: O my folks! This she-camel of Allah E is an indication to you. Depart her to feed on Allah’s E earth, and inflict no hurt on her, or a swift punishment will seize you! [Hud:64]

The female camel lived amongst folks of Thamud, and shortly gave beginning to a calf. A number of the folks accepted to consider in Allah E due to what they’d seen, and due to what they’d promised. Others, nevertheless, didn’t, they usually started to hate the female camel, because it reminded them of Salih S and of the promise they’d made to him. It used to graze amongst their herds and drink from their water.

In actual fact, at some point, it will drink, and the subsequent day the opposite animals would drink. Saleh S advised them to let it drink from the water of the effects for at some point, and go away it to them the second day as Allah ordered: [Al-Qamar:28] As an alternative of convincing them to be the type to the animal, they really selected to hurt it. [Al-A`raf:75-7] As if their disbelief was not sufficient, in addition, they challenged Salih S to convey down the punishment of Allah E upon them if he was, certainly, a Prophet. 9 males amongst them, recognized for his or her mischief and prompted on by some of the ladies, went to the female camel and its calf at evening time, they usually killed them each. Prophet Salih S was offended at what they’d completed. The female camel had absolutely completed them no hurt, he mentioned. Get pleasure from yourselves in your properties for 3 days. It is a promise that is not going to be belied [Hud:65] Regardless of their scoffing and scorn for his message, the folks had been destroyed. [11:67-68] Saleh S and the individuals who had been left moved from that place, by no means to return.

In a hadith, Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī collection narrates that our prophet Muhammad H called Hegra “the land of Thamūd” and did not allow his troops to drink or use water from its wells, and to never enter its ruins “unless weeping, lest occur to you what happened to them.”

Classes From the Story The message of Prophet Salih S should be essential or Allah E wouldn’t have repeated it so usually within the Quran. So what does it inform us right this moment? How can this episode of a camel educate trendy women and men the best way to dwell? Effectively, to begin with, it teaches us that we should always not put Allah E to the check, asking for indicators and proofs from Him, when the entire of creation is absolutely one nice signal of His goodness to the world. He has repeatedly despatched His messengers to us, however, we’re very gradual to consider. It teaches us, additionally, to not disobey Allah E, however, to hearken to His Prophets and messengers and be immediate to do what they are saying.

The story of Prophet Salih S teaches us an essential reality about ourselves. We agree with Allah E when issues are going good for us, however when we return on what we have now promised to Him, turning again to our earlier methods. Consider what number of instances we have now pleaded for such and such a factor, promising to do all methods of excellent issues in return. Once we get what we need, we are likely to overlook our guarantees in a short time. Lastly, the message of Saleh S is a salutary one for right this moment’s world. It teaches us that Allah is not going to be mocked. He, the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all the things in between, is answerable for all issues.

Generally, people assume they will idiot Him and act in opposition to His will, however, all issues are inside His grasp. He can put a finish to our stubbornness at any second if He chooses to. We predict we’re so essential and so intelligent, with our nuclear weapons and our potential to ship folks into an outer area, whereas on a similar time, just like the folks of Thamud, we oppress the poor, and deny even easy folks their rights.

Prophet Salih S (peace be upon him) teaches us one thing essential: that doing Allah’s E will is a reward in itself. We want neither indicators nor proofs nor congratulations for doing it. [26:145] You will discover the story of Prophet Saleh S advised in full in these locations in the Quran: the seventh chapter, referred to as Al-A`raf, verses 73-78, the 11th chapter, referred to as Hud, verses 61-68, the 26th chapter, referred to as Ash-Shu`araa’, verses 141-159, and the 27th chapter, referred to as An-Naml, verses 45-53.

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