Story Of Prophet Shees (Seth) Alaihissalam


Prophet Shees (Seth) Alaihissalam was the third son of Prophet Adam Alaihissalam. When Qabil killed Habil, Adam alaihissalam felt extremely. Habil was a kind and righteous son, at the right age of his marriage.

Adam alaihissalam supplicated to ALLAH SWT and asked to grant him a virtuous son who would help him in spreading the true religion.

ALLAH SWT accepted his prayers and gifted him with a beautiful son. Adam alaihissalam was 130 years of age when Shees alaihissalam was born. He named him Shees (alaihissalam). Seesh (Seeth) means a gift.

Ibn Katheer wrote, “The meaning of the name Shees is ‘the gift from Allah’; named him Sheeth because they were blessed with him after Habil was killed.” (Qisas Ul-Anbiyaa)

Shees alaihissalam became a prophet later and the successor of Adam alaihissalam.

Adam alihissalam loved his son Seesh alihissalam a lot. Seeth alaihissalam was the most beautiful of all his sons and resembled Adam alaihissalam. He was among one of the Prophets who was born circumcised.

Prophet Shees alaihissalam is referenced in the Holy Quran, but not by name. However, He is mentioned in hadeeth, in which Prophet Muhammad SAW says: “ALLAH SWT revealed 100 scrolls and 4 books, and 50 of these scrolls were revealed to Prophet Shees alaihissalam”.

Adam alaihissalam was the first Prophet but he was not given any book or law. And Shees alaihissalam was the first messenger who received the revelation from ALLAH SWT. Adam alaihissalam advised Shees alaihissalam and taught him everything to be a good human being and follow the true religion. He taught him to understand and use the different times of the day to worship ALLAH SWT. He told him to be cautious of whom he marries. He informed him to find a virtuous wife so their offspring would be righteous.

Adam alaihissalam departed from his beloved son Shees alaihissalam and this world at the age of 930 years. He appointed Shees alaihissalam as his successor and advised others to follow him. Adam alaihissalam told Shees alaihissalam to stay away from Qabil and his followers as they were disbelievers and were involved in idol worship.

Prophet Shees alaihissalam followed the footsteps of his father after his death and tried his best to guide people towards the right path.

Qabil, after killing his brother, left with his descendants and went to the valleys far away from his family and settled there.

Men from the people of Qabil were not at all handsome however the women were very attractive, whereas, the men from the people of Sheeth alaihissalam were good-looking but the women were not beautiful.

It is said that Iblis on his target to misguide humankind, joined the people of Qabil in the form of a young and handsome man as he wished to involve them in sin. He asked for employment and worked as a blacksmith. Iblis then started to mislead them. He first started blowing a flute-like thing which created a unique sound. Everyone came out wondering as they never heard such a sound. Iblis had a drum as well which he would beat. People started enjoying the sounds as it was pleasing to them. The people of Qabil were completely in control of Shaytan and involved in adultery and music. They used to party and stay awake late at night and dance to the music. This was the beginning of the music and musical instruments. This made them forget about the laws of ALLAH SWT.

Prophet Shees alaihissalam continued his teachings and reminded his people about the rights and wrongs in Islam. However, many of his people started questioning that why they are not allowed to mix with their cousins and join the parties. Few of them used to secretly watch their women and parties and fell into the trap of Iblis. The women of Qabil were beautiful and were excited to see such handsome men and entrapped them by showing their beauty. This mixing of non-mahram men and women took place in Zina and this was the first time in the history of mankind, that music and adultery took place and people did sin in a collective form.

Some of the followers of Shees alaihissalam started enjoying the music and the parties with beautiful young women and forgot the true path. They came back and told the other men everything. They said that you all are missing so much fun. So they were involved in sin in bigger groups and this led to humans go astray and do bigger sins.

ALLAH SWT informs us in Quran:
“O you who have believed, enter into Islam completely (and perfectly) and do not follow the footsteps of shaytan. Indeed, he is to you a complete enemy.” (Quran 2:208)

Shaitan continued his plottings and taught people how to do evil deeds and sinners kept increasing time.

Prophet Shees alaihissalam tried hard to guide them to the true path but they were ignorant.

Prophet Shees alaihissalam died at the age of 912 years.

After Prophet Shees alaihissalam, Prophet Idris alaihissalam was sent for the guidance of mankind.

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