Sunni Islamic YouTube Channels

Madani Channel

Madani Channel is providing educational and social guidance for humanity across the world started its operation from Karachi Pakistan in the year 2008. Programmes are broadcasted in various languages, including English, Urdu, and other regional languages. Madani Channel covers around six famous satellites covering major parts of continents, while Live internet streaming for all.
Major programs are focused on religious, ethical and social reformation of human character, focusing on health, religious & global Education, economic reforms of individual or organizations along sharia guidance.


Sunni Islamic Channel from India

Maslake Alahazrat Zindabad

Sunni Islamic Channel from India

Mushtaq ali ansari

Sunni Islamic Channel

Sacha islam

The aim of this channel to spread the message of true Islam to the world.

Hafiz Shafiqraza

This is a Sunni Islamic Channel Owned by Hafiz Shafiqraza from India. This channel provides Islamic videos like TILAWAT, HAMD O NAAT, MUNAJAT, AHLE SUNNAT VAL JAMAAT K OLMA E KIRAM K BAHETARIN BAYANAT, MASNUN DUAAYE, ISLAMIC CARTOON, MAZARATE AULIYA E KIRAM KE HASIN MANAZIR, and much more.

Waqar Ahmed Qadri

Sunni Islamic Channel owned by Waqar Ahmed Qadri

Raza Media

Sunni Islamic Channel for bayan of Pir Saqib Shaami

Faizan e Raza

Sunni Dawat-e-Islami Channel from India

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