The Story of the Companion Suhaib Ar-Rumi

Suhaib Ar-Rumi was one of the early Muslims whose pursuit of divine guidance brought him to Islam to start a new life full of generosity and sacrifices.

In the Light of the Companions: The Story of Um Salamah

This is the story of Um Salamah and how she and her husband were persecuted after embracing Islam. The family were spilt up and finally reunited again.

How Mohamed Salah Inspired Me To Become A Muslim!

Ben Bird tells his story of conversion to Islam and how he was affected by Mohamed Salah to an extent that his hatred of Islam ends and he becomes a Muslim.

In Quran I Found Answers to All My Questions

This is the story of a Maltese woman who, at the last of her journey to Islam, spent a year questioning everything. She found all answers in the Quran.

The Meaning of Shahada in Four Minutes

The first and foremost pillar of islam, the Shahada, is a prerequisite for the other four pillars of Islam and it is the only key to the Paradise.

Four Reasons Make Us Convert to Islam

Conversion to Islam helps a person lead a happy and meaningful life in which he or she can experience God’s love, emancipate the body and soul, etc.

The Prophet’s Miraculous Night Journey: A Gift and a Test

What kind of gifts was the Night Journey to the Prophet from his Lord? How did it distinguish between the true believers and others? What lessons did it mean to teach?

Changing the Qiblah: From Sanctification of Space to Sanctification of the Lord of Space

Changing the Qiblah was intended as the abolition of the sanctity of space whatever it may be and the confirmation of the sanctity of God Alone wherever the Qiblah direction may be

Hijrah: Perfect Planning and Reliance on Allah

Tawakkul (putting your trust in God) along with observing worldly material means is the components of success. See how the Prophet applied them throughout Hijrah journey.