Boost your immunity with ZamZam water and Vitamin D3

What is ZamZam Water

There is a Well Called “ZamZam Well” in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. ZamZam Well is a very old well in Mecca the water of this well is called “Ab-e-Zamzam” it is sacred water for all Muslims around the world.

Histry of ZamZam Water

Thousands of years ago, Allah(S.W.T.) ordered Prophet Ibrahim (Alaihismalam) to leave his wife Hazra (Alaihismalam) and son Prophet Ismail (Alaihismalam) in the desert of Mecca. At that time there was not even any population there. There was no food to eat far away. Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) left his wife Hazra (A.S.) and his son Prophet Ismail (A.S.) in the area with some dates and water.

After some time, water and dates also ran out. Then Hazra (a.s.) was running between Safa and Marwa hills to search for water and she pleaded with Allah (S.W.T.). Then Prophet Ismail (A.S.) dragged his feet to the ground and water came out from there. The water started flowing a lot, Hazra (A.S.) said “Zamzam” (stay/stop) to stop the water and the water stopped there. Since then, the name of that water was called Zamzam.

People use this water to get rid of the disease. After drinking this water, people feel more energetic and fresh and this water never spoils.

Story of Prophet Ismail (A.S.)

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Boost your immunity with ZamZam water and Vitamin D3

What is vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is known as Cholecalciferol, it provides many Health Benefits, it boosts immunity, keeps muscles and bones strong, improves heart health, etc. Vitamin D3 is also called the “Sunshine Vitamin”.

How to Get Dual Benefits of ZamZam water & Vitamin D3

The answer is “Zam Zam Vitamin D3” bottles, the world’s first vitamin that is infused with the immune-boosting benefits of Holy Zamzam water.
Zam Zam Vitamin D3 is invented by ‘Danyal Razzaq’. Read his story here

ZamZam Vitamin D3 bottles are Packed with “Zam Zam water” and “Vitamin D” that can ensure optimal health and a strong immune system. It’s Health Boosting and 100% Halal.

Where to buy ZamZam Vitamin D3 online

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ZamZam water and Vitamin D3

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