Benefits of Reciting Surah Ikhlas

Benefits of Reciting Surah Ikhlas

Quran is a gift of ALLAH SWT for all mankind, and each word of the holy Quran has enormous blessings and rewards for those who recite it. Every surah and ayah of the Quran contains wisdom and the message of ALLAH SWT to show the right path to humankind. Likewise, there are various benefits of … Read more


Durood-e-Akbar “O Allah! May Thy grace and peace rest upon Muhammad, our Master, the Prophet of Arabia of Quraish Tribe, of Hashmite Family of Mecca and of Madinah, who is the wearer of the Holy Cap, the one who ascended the Heavens and fought holy wars and achieved boons and bounties, the one who has … Read more


Durood-e-Noor “O Allah! Shower Thy blessings on our Hazrat Muhammad who is light, actual light and mystery amongst the mysteries, and the leader of excellents” Durood Sharif Collection 1 Durood Sharif Collection 2 Reference:


Durood-e-Nabi “O Allah! Grant Thy blessings and Thy peace and Thy bounty to our Hazrat Muhammad, and on Adam, and on Nuh, and on Ibrahim, and on Musa, and on I’sa, and on those Prophets who were sent during the period between each of them. Blessings on Allah and His peace be on them all” … Read more

Durood-e-Ghausia with English Translation

Durood-e-Ghausia with English Translation “O Allah! Send thy blessings on our Master, Muhammad, whose light was created before anything else in this world and whose appearance became mercy and signal boon for all the creatures, equivalent to all those created previously and hereafter equal in number with the lucky and unlucky ones; and send thy … Read more

Durood-e-Ali with English Translation

Durood-e-Ali with English Translation “O Allah! Bestow blessing and bounty on our Prophet and on his wives, who are the Mothers of the Faithful, and on his descendants and on the members of his Household in the manner as Thou conferred blessings on Prophet Ibrahim. Verily, thou art the Praiseworthy and the Glorious” Durood Sharif … Read more

Durood-e-Wali with English Translation

Durood-e-Wali with English Translation “O Allah! Send blessings on Muhammad, our chief the unlettered Apostle and his Family Thy favors and thy Salutations” Durood Sharif Collection 1 Durood Sharif Collection 2 Reference: