Life Story Of Prophet Nuh AS ( Prophet Noah) In Islam


Family tree of Prophet Nuh A.S. (Noah)

He was Nuh A.S. (Noah) ibn Lamik, ibn Mitoshilkh, ibn Idris A.S. (Enoch), ibn Yard, ibn Mahlabeel, ibn Qinan, ibn Anoush, ibn Sheeth (Seth), ibn Adam A.S., the father of Mankind.
Ibn Abbas narrated that the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) stated: “The interval between Adam AS and Nooh AS (Noah) was ten centuries.” (Bukhari)
Meaning Prophet Nuh A.S. (Noah) lived in like 1000 years after Adam AS.

People of Prophet Nuh were Idolaters

For a lot of generations, Prophet Nuh’s AS (Noah) folks had been worshipping statues that they referred to as gods. They believed that these gods would carry them good, defend them from evil and supply all their wants. They gave their idols names reminiscent of Waddan, Suwa’an, Yaghutha, Ya’auga, and Nasran (These idols represented respectively, manly energy; mutability, magnificence; brute energy, swiftness, sharp sight, perception) in accordance with the ability they thought these gods possessed.

Allah (SWT) revealed: “They (idolaters) have stated, ‘you shall not go away your gods nor shall you allow wadd, nor suwa, nor Yaghuth, nor ya uq nor nasr (names of the idols)’ (71:23)

Initially, these have been the names of excellent individuals who had lived amongst them. After their deaths, statues of them have been erected to maintain their reminiscences alive. After someday, nevertheless, folks started to worship these statues. Later generations didn’t even know why that they had been erected; they solely knew their mother and father had prayed to them. That’s how idol worshiping developed. Since that they had no understanding of Allah (SWT) who would punish them for his or her evil deeds, they grew to become merciless and immoral.

Ibn Abbas defined: “Following upon the loss of life of these righteous males, Devil impressed their folks to erect statues within the locations the place they used to take a seat. They did this, however, these statues weren’t worshipped till the approaching generations deviated from a suitable lifestyle. Then they worshipped them as their idols.”

Ibn Jarir (R.A) narrated:” There have been righteous individuals who lived within the interval between Prophet Adam (as) and Prophet Nuh (as) and who had followers who held them as fashions. After their loss of life, their pals who used to emulate them stated, ‘if we make statues of them, it is going to be extra pleasing to us in our worship and can remind us of them.’

In order that they constructed statues of them, and after that they had died and others got here after them, Iblis crept into their minds saying, ‘your fathers used to worship them and thru that worship they obtained rain.’ in order that they worshipped them.”

Ibn Abi Hatim (R.A) associated this story: “Waddan was a righteous man who was beloved by his folks. When he died, they withdrew to his grave within the land of Babylonia and overwhelmed by disappointment. When Iblis noticed their sorrow attributable to his loss of life, he disguised himself within the type of a person saying, ‘I’ve seen your sorrow due to this man’s loss of life; can I make a statue like him which could possibly be put in your assembly place to make you bear in mind him?’ They stated, ‘sure’.
So he made the statue like him. They put it of their assembly place so as to be reminded of him. When Iblis noticed their curiosity in remembering him, he stated, ‘can I construct a statue of him within the dwelling of every certainly one of you in order that he can be in everybody’s home and you can bear in mind him?’
They agreed. Their youngsters discovered about and noticed what they have been doing. Additionally, they discovered about their remembrance of him as a substitute of Allah (SWT). So the primary to be worshipped as a substitute of Allah (SWT) was Waddan, the idol which they named thus.”

The essence of this level is that each idol from these earlier talked about was worshipped by a sure group of individuals. It was talked about that folks made image sand because the ages handed they made these photos into statues, in order that their types could possibly be totally acknowledged; afterward, they have been worshipped as a substitute of Allah (SWT).

Into this setting Allah (SWT) despatched Nuh AS (Noah) with His message to his folks. Prophet Nuh AS (Noah) was the one mental not caught within the whirlpool of man’s destruction which was attributable to polytheism. Allah (SWT) in His mercy despatched His Messenger Nooh AS (Noah) to information his folks. Nuh A.S. (Nooh) was a wonderful speaker and a really affected person man. He identified to his folks the mysteries of life and the wonders of the universe. He identified how the night time is usually adopted by the day and that the stability between these opposites has been designed by Allah (SWT) for our good.

The night time offers coolness and relaxation whereas the day offers heat and awakens exercise. The solar encourages progress, and maintaining all crops and animals alive, whereas the moon and stars help within the reckoning of time, route, and seasons. He identified that the possession of the heavens and the earth belongs solely to the Divine Creator. Subsequently, He defined to this folks, there can not have been a couple of deities. He clarified to them how the satan had deceived to them for therefore lengthy and that the time had come for this deceit to cease.

Prophet Nuh A.S. (Noah) spoke to them of Allah’s glorification of man, how He (SWT) had created him and offered him with sustenance and the blessings of thoughts. He informed them that idol worshipping was a suffocating injustice to the thoughts. He warned them to not worship anybody however Allah (SWT) and described the horrible punishment Allah (SWT) would mete out in the event that they continued of their evil methods.

The folks listened to him in silence. His phrases have been a shock to their stagnating minds as it’s a shock to an individual who’s asleep underneath a wall which is about to fall and who vigorously wakes up. This particular person could also be alarmed and will even turn into indignant though the purpose was to avoid wasting him.

Noah’s (as) folks have been divided into two teams after his warning. His phrases touched the hearts of the weak, the shepherds, the poor, and the depressing and soothed their wounds with its mercy. As to the wealthy, the sturdy, the mighty, and the rulers they appeared upon the warning with chilly mistrust. They believed they’d be higher off if issues stayed as they have been. Subsequently, they began their means of phrases in opposition to Nuh A.S. (Noah).

950 years Nuh A.S. (Noah) calling to Allah (SWT) non cease. It has been narrated that the utmost narration says that the followers of Nuh A.S. (Noah) in 950 years did not exceed 80 folks. Some narrations even say 10 folks. Are you able to think about His (as) endurance, 950 years of calling day and night time non cease and simply 80 folks accepted His (as) phrases? Could Allah (SWT) grant us endurance like Him (as)?

First, they accused Nuh A.S. (Noah) of being solely human like themselves.
“The chiefs of the disbelievers amongst his folks stated, ‘we see you, however, a person like ourselves.'” (11:27)

He, nevertheless, had by no means stated something apart from that. He asserted that, certainly, he was solely a human being; Allah (SWT) had despatched a human messenger as a result of the earth was inhabited by people. If it had been inhabited by Angels, Allah (SWT) would have been despatched an Angelic Messenger. The competition between the polytheists and Nuh A.S. (Noah) continued. The rulers had although at first that Nuh’s A.S. (Nooh) name would quickly fade by itself. After they discovered that his name attracted the poor, the helpless, and the frequent labourers, they began to verbally assault and taunt him, “You might be solely adopted by the poor, the meek and the nugatory.”

Thus the battle between Nuh A.S. (Noah) and the heads of his folks in testified. The disbelievers tried to discount: “Hear Nuh A.S. (Noah), in order for you us to imagine in you, then dismiss your believers. They’re meek and poor, whereas are elite and wealthy; no religion can embrace us each. Nuh A.S. (Noah) listened to the heatthens of his group and realized they have been being obstinate. Nonetheless, he was mild in his response. He defined to his those who he couldn’t dismiss the Believers as they weren’t his company however Allah’s (SWT). Nuh A.S. (Noah) appealed to them.
“Oh my folks! I ask of you no wealth for it, my reward is from none however Allah (SWT). I’m not going to drive away those that have believed. Certainly, they will meet their Lord, however, I see that you’re folks which are ignorant. O my folks! Who will assist me in opposition to Allah, if I drove them away? Will you not then give a thought? And I do not say to you that with me are the Treasures of Allah (SWT) nor that I do know the unseen, nor do I say I’m an Angel, and I don’t say of these whom your eyes look down upon that Allah won’t bestow any good on them. Allah is aware of what’s of their internal selves (regards to perception). In that case, I ought to, certainly be one of many Zalimeen (wrongdoers, oppressors and so on)” (11:29-31)

The rulers have been bored with Nuh’s A.S. (Noah) arguments. Allah (SWT) associated their perspective: “They stated, ‘O Nuh! You will have disputed with us and far have you ever extended the dispute with us, now carry upon us what you threaten us with, if you’re of the truthful.’
He stated, ‘Solely Allah (SWT) will carry it (punishment) on you, if He’ll, after which you’ll escape not. And my recommendation won’t revenue you even when I want to offer you counsel, if Allah’s (SWT) will is to maintain you astray. He’s your Lord! And to Him shall you come back.’ ” (11:32-34)

The battle continued; the arguments between the disbelievers and Nuh A.S. (Noah) grew to become extended. When all of the refutations of the disbelievers collapsed and so they had no extra to say, they started to be impolite and insulted Allah’s (SWT) Prophet:
” The chief of his folks stated, ‘verily, we see you in plain error.'” (7:60)

Prophet Nuh A.S. (Noah) responded within the method of the Prophets: “O my folks! There isn’t an error on me, however, I’m a messenger from the Lord of the Alamin (mankind, jinn, and all that exists)! I convey unto you the messages of my Lord and provides honest recommendations to you. And I do know from Allah what you recognize not.” (7:61-62)

Prophet Nuh A.S. (Noah) continued interesting to his folks to imagine in Allah (SWT) hour after hour, day after day, yr after yr. He admonished his folks and referred to as them to Allah (SWT) day and night time, in secret and brazenly. He gave them examples, defined Allah’s (SWT) indicators and illustrated Allah’s (SWT) potential within the formation of His (SWT) creatures. However, at any time when he referred to as them to Allah (SWT), they ran away from him. Each time he urged them to ask Allah (SWT) to forgive them, they put their fingers of their ears and have become too proud to take heed to the reality.

It occurred that each passing generation admonished the succeeding one to not imagine Nuh A.S. (Noah) and to wage warfare in opposition to him. The daddy used to show his youngster in regard to the matter that was between himself and Nuh A.S. (Nooh) and counsel him to reject his name when he reached maturity. Their pure disposition rejected believing and following the reality. Nuh A.S. (Noah) noticed that the variety of believers was not growing, whereas that of the disbelievers was.

Prophet Nuh A.S. Prays for the Disbelievers’ End

There got here a day when Allah (SWT) revealed to Nuh A.S. (Noah) that no others would imagine. Allah (SWT) impressed him to not grieve for them at which level Nuh A.S. (Nooh) prayed that the disbelievers be destroyed.
He stated: “O My Lord! Go away not one of many disbelievers on the earth. Should you go away them, they are going to mislead your slaves and they’ll beget none however depraved disbelievers.” (71:27)
Allah (SWT) Nuh’s A.S. (Noah) prayer. The case was closed, and He (SWT) handed His (SWT) judgment on the disbelievers within the type of a flood. Allah (SWT) the exalted ordered His worshipper Nuh A.S. (Noah) to construct an ark with His information and directions and with the assistance of Angels.
Allah (SWT) commanded: “And assemble the ship underneath Our eyes and with Our inspiration and tackle Me not on behalf of those that did incorrect; they’re absolutely to be drowned.” (11:37)

Prophet Nuh A.S. (Noah) started building Ark

Prophet Nooh A.S. (Noah) was not a carpenter, He was not a builder. He didn’t know anything about constructing. And Allah (SWT) says, “we wish you to do one thing, we are going to enable you to, we are going to information you, we will probably be watching, and we are going to instruct you what to do.”

So what occurred? Amazingly
The tree would develop, He would lower it down, take it to the highest of the mountain, as a result of Allah (SWT) instructed him to construct that ark on the high of the mountain. And when He took it and laid it there, He was granted nails and He would nail one into the opposite, when He went again there was one other tree prepared for Him. He would lower it down and convey it. When He introduced it, it could match like a jigsaw with the opposite one and He would nail it in. Wonderful.

Allah (SWT) says: “As He was developing the ship, at any time when the chiefs of his folks handed by him, they made a mockery of him.
He stated, ‘Should you mock at us, so will we mock at you likewise to your mocking. And you’ll know who it’s on whom will come to a torment that may cowl him with shame and on whom will fall an enduring torment.’ ” (11:38-39)

They used to chuckle at him, like “Nuh (Nooh) you’ve now turn into a carpenter. We are seeing you, you were a Prophet, you stopped calling us at the least, however now you are changing into a carpenter, however, we wish to offer you a chunk of recommendation.”

Scoffing at him, They stated, “you wish to construct an ark, you’ll relatively do it on the coast. As a result of how are you going to take it from right here to there. Is a jinn going to return and carry it for you all the way in which there?”
And He (as) stored quiet. He says, “you wish to chuckle at us at the moment, don’t be concerned. A day goes to return once we will probably be laughing at you.”

It’s narrated from Israili narration and likewise, the Quran neither agrees with it nor rejects it, so simply making a point out of it.
They are saying: The ship was 900 meters lengthy and 150 meters vast and 90 meters excessive, as a result of it was extra like a Submarine.
He lined the highest as effectively. Extra like a submarine able to go. And Allah (SWT) taught Nooh A.S. (Noah) the way to construct this state-of-the-art piece solely by him coming again,chopping the tree and it matches, coming again, chopping the tree and it matches. It is usually reported in Israeli narration that it took 100 years to construct an ark. And Allah (SWT) is aware of finest.
Allah (SWT) gave him an indication when that signal happens you and your loved ones and your followers and from each animal completely different genders of female and male and go into the ark. And Nooh A.S. (Noah) waited for that signal. And that signal is: The outdated oven. The outdated oven that they used to make use of, should you again in one of many outdated cities within the center east, these outdated ovens the place you insert timber inside and so they use it for bread.

Allah (SWT) stated: when water begins to return out of the oven then that is the signal so that you can go to the ark. And He waited for that signal. And someday water exploded out of the oven, so He knew it is the time. He referred to as upon his followers and went to the ark. And infront of the ark all of the animals from the completely different genders have been ready in line to enter the ark.
So He went with 80 of his followers and his household and his spouse. And Nuh A.S. (Noah) was married to a spouse earlier than, however, she was a kafir. She handed away. Then Allah (swt) gave him a believing spouse and He had 4 boys, named Ham, Sam, Yafith, and Kan’an. Three of them Sam, Ham, Yafith have been Muslims and Kan’an was a non-believer.

So now what occurred?
The ark is transferring, being guided by Allah (SWT) by way of waves that are like mountains.

Prophet Nuh A.S. (Noah) is looking as they’re closing this factor right here. And He sees his son and His son didn’t wish to be with him, so his father says, “Oh my son, come and trip with us, do not be with the disbelievers, come into the ark.”

His son replied: “I’ll take refuge on a mountain to guard me from the water.” (11:43)

And Nuh A.S. (Noah) answered: “There isn’t a protector at the moment from the diploma of Allah, apart from whom He offers mercy.” (11:43)
“And a wave got here in between them, so He (the son) was among the many drowned.” (11:43)

Prophet Nuh A.S. (Noah) referred to as out to Allah, He says:” My Lord! Verily, my son is of my household! And positively, your promise is true, and you’re the most simply of the judges.” (11:45)

He did not query Allah’s (SWT) decree, however, He wished to know.
So Allah says: “O Nuh (Noah)! Certainly, He isn’t of your loved ones; verily, His work is unrighteous, so ask not of Me that of which you haven’t any information! I admonish you, lest you be one of many ignorants.” (11:46)

From this, we discovered that the bond of the shahada is much stronger than the bond of blood.
So Allah (SWT) describing in regards to the water,” so We opened the gates of the heaven with water pouring forth.” (54:11)

Allah says: “And we precipitated the earth to gush forth with springs. So the waters (of the heaven and the earth) met for a matter predestined.” (54:12)

Allah (SWT) is saying: It didn’t solely rain, however we instructed regardless of the earth was holding by way of water, to get out. So all of the water within the earth got here out on the land and it got here up. It rose so excessive and the water from the highest got here down and the 2 waters met. Allahu Akbar.

Allah (SWT) says: “O earth! Swallow up your water, and O sky! Withhold (your rain). And the water subsided, and the matter was completed.” (11:44)

And Ark, it rested on Mount Al-Judi.
The place precisely that’s; Allah (SWT) is aware of finest. There are numerous statements. Infact not too long ago somebody stated they’ve found an ark in turkey someplace, some stated it someplace. Allah is aware of the finest.

It was stated: “Oh Nuh (Noah)! Come down (from the ship) with peace from us and blessings on you and on the people who find themselves with you (and on a few of their offspring), however (there will probably be different) to whom we will grant their displeasures (for a time), however ultimately a painful torment will attain them from us.” (11:48)

Then Allah (SWT) gifted Nooh A.S. (Noah). Allah (SWT) says within the Quran:” And, His progeny, them we made the survivors.” (37:77)

Those that have been within the ship with Nooh A.S. (Noah), none of them had offspring moreover Nuh A.S. (Noah). So everybody of us right here, we’re the kids of Nuh A.S. (Noah), not anybody who was with him. Subhan Allah.
Allah says, “the others, they weren’t granted youngsters. Him, his progeny is what continued, Him and His sons and His son’s sons and so forth and there was continuation there. So now we have a assure from the Quran that each one of us, the frequent forefather that we do know after Adam (as) was Nooh A.S. (Noah) for each single certainly one of us. Subhan Allah.

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