Story of Prophet Sulaiman Alaihissalam


Prophet Sulaiman S was the son of Prophet Dawud S who was a wise king of the Israelites. Prophet Sulaiman S was born in Jerusalem, Palestine. He was a great learner and observer and learned a lot from his father Dawud S.

Prophet Sulaiman S is mentioned in the Holy Quran by his name 17 times in 16 verses, and He is mentioned in various other verses as well, not by name though.

He was a beloved Prophet of ALLAH SWT and was bestowed with various miraculous gifts that no other Prophet ever had. It was only Prophet Sulaiman S who got the ability to speak and communicate with all the birds and animals on earth. Sulaiman S was given the power by ALLAH SWT to command the wind and jinns as well.

ALLAH SWT states in the Quran: And Solomon inherited David. He said, “O people, we have been taught the language of birds, and we have been given from all things. Indeed, this is evident bounty. (27:16)

There are many narrations and stories about the wise judgment ability and miracles of Prophet Solaiman S in the holy Quran. These stories prove the great wisdom and judgment of Prophet Sulayman S.

Wise Judgment ability of Sulaiman S

It is mentioned in Quran: And remember Dawood and Suleman, when they gave judgment in the matter of the field into which the sheep of certain people had strayed by night: We did witness their judgment. To Solomon We inspired the right understanding of the matter: to each of them we gave judgment and knowledge (Quran:21:78-79)

The detailed story is written by Allamah Ismael bin Kaseer with the reference of Hafiz bin Jareer and Ibn Abi Hatim as:

Two men approached Prophet Dawud S for judgment between them regarding a field. The owner of the field complained that the other man’s sheep entered into his vineyard and ate up all the grapes in his absence. Prophet Dawud S gave his judgment that the herd of the sheep should be given to the owner of the garden as compensation. However, Prophet Sulaiman S asked permission to give a better judgment upon this matter. The father asked his son, what he had to tell them. Then Prophet Sulaiman S replied that the sheep should be given to the owner of the garden to get from them his livelihood, benefit from his wool and milk and the garden should be given to the owner of the sheep and he had to cultivate the garden till it is restored to its previous condition and then the garden and the sheep should be returned to their owners. (Ibn Kase 2/156).

Prophet Sulaiman S and the Plea of an ant

Once Sulaiman S moving with his troops of jinn, humans, and birds. They marched with discipline towards the direction of the valley of ants.

Witnessing this huge army of Prophet Sulaiman S, one of the ants informed the other ants to hide. She knew that Sulaiman S and his troops would likely crush them.

This incident is mentioned in Quran as Until, when they came upon the valley of the ants, an ant said, “O ants, enter your dwellings that you not be crushed by Sulaiman and his soldiers while they perceive not.” (Qur’an 27:18)

Prophet Sulaiman S when heard this conversation of ants, smiled and thanked ALLAH SWT for such miraculous gifts and said:

My Lord, enable me to be grateful for Your favor which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents and to do righteousness of which You approve. And admit me by Your mercy into [the ranks of] Your righteous servants.” (Qur’an 27:19)

He immediately commanded the army to change its path and this way destruction of the ants was avoided. His shows how generous He was, that He turned the entire troop who were in thousands just because of the plea of a tiny and insignificant creature.

After the death of his father Prophet Dawud S, Prophet Sulaiman S became the Prophetic king of Israel. It is mentioned in the Quran that Prophet Sulaiman S asked ALLAH SWT to grant Him a kingdom that nobody ever had. He said: My Lord! Do Thou forgive me and grant me a kingdom which is not fit for (being inherited by) anyone after me” (Quran 38:35)

ALLAH SWT answered his prayers and provided him with what he pleased and bestowed him with many miraculous gifts throughout his life.

He could control the blowing wind according to his choice and will. And ALLAH SWT also gave him a spring of molten brass/copper which was used in the constructions by Jinns.

ALLAH SWT states in the Quran: And (We made) the wind (subservient) to Sulaiman, which made a month’s journey in the morning and a month’s journey m the evening, and We made a fountain of molten copper to flow out for him, and of the jinn, some worked before him by the command of his Lord; and whoever turned aside from Our command from among them, We made him taste of the punishment of burning. (Quran34:12)

Sulaiman S rebuild Masjid-al-Aqsa

Masjid-al-Aqsa was first built by Prophet Adam S, and after a decade it was rebuilt by Prophet Ibrahim S. After many decades it again fell and was reconstructed by Prophet Dawud S, he could not complete it and die. It was Sulaiman S and his huge army of men and jinn who completed the work of Masjid-al-Aqsa.

Sualiman S Conquering Saba

One day while Prohet Sualiman S and his army were on some mission, the bird Hud-Hud came to them and said I comprehend that which you do not comprehend and I have brought to you a sure information from (Saba)Sheba.” (Quran27:22)

The bird said: An intelligent and powerful woman named Bilkis rules the kingdom. Then Prophet Sulaiman S sent a letter to the queen of Saba, inviting them to the oneness of ALLAH SWT.

Bilqis, the Queen of Saba got the letter and decided to send valuable presents to Sulaiman S thinking this would any war and rage.

Slaiman S rejected them and sent the courtiers back with the gifts and a message, said these gifts are nothing in front of all the gifts that ALLAH SWT has bestowed him with, submit to ALLAH SWT or He would come with his army and destroy the Saba.

She then decided to visit the palace of Sulaiman S. When Sulaiman S heard about her arrival, he asked his army to bring him the throne of the queen before she reaches. There was a man who had a knowledge of the book, said he could bring it and it was there in a blink of an eye.

When Queen Bilqis arrived at the palace of Sulaiman S, She was asked if this was her throne, and she replied that it looks similar to her throne.

Then Sulaiman S asked the queen to enter the palace hall, the floor of which was a shimmering glass made. She pulled up her dress thinking it was water. Sulaiman S then informed her that the floor is made up of glass.

She was amazed. She had never seen such things before. Bilqis realized that she was in the company of a very knowledgeable person who was not only a ruler of a great kingdom but a messenger of Allah, as well. Queen Bilqis repented, gave up sun worship, accepted the oneness of ALLAH SWT, and asked her people to do the same.

Death of Prophet Sulaiman S

Prophet Sulaiman S ruled for 30 years and died at the age of 60 years. Most of his public work was performed by the jinns. jinns were under the control of Sulaiman S as a punishment for their misdeed of making humans believe that they possess all the power and know the unseen and could foresee what will happen in the future.

The death of Prophet Sulaiman S was a lesson for mankind and the jinns that only ALLAH SWT knows the unseen and is aware of the future.

ALLAH SWT states in the Quran that Sulaiman S died while he was leaning on his staff and was watching over the jinns who were engaged in their work. He remained upright and looked awake for a very long time, however he was dead but nobody knew It. Jinns continued their work non stop thinking that Sulaiman S is overseeing them.

Many days passed and the Death of Prophet Sulaiman S was known when small creatures /insects ate up His staff and His body great body fell to the ground. And the Jinns realized that no one knows the unseen but ALLAH SWT.

ALLAH SWT says in Quran: But when We decreed death for him, naught showed them his death but a creature of the earth that ate away his staff; and when it fell, the jinn came to know plainly that if they had known the unseen, they would not have tarried in abasing torment (Quran:34,14)

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