Hazrat Daniyal (Daniel) Alaihissalam


Hazrat Daniyal (Daniel) alihissalam was one of the Prophets sent to the children of Israel. He is not mentioned in the Quran by name, however, there are some hadiths and Islamic narrations which give details about Him. On account of some Muslim traditions, it is said that Daniyal alaihissalam preached in Babylon and reminded the people about the oneness of God. He lived at the time of Nebuchadnezzar who destroyed Bait-al-muqaddas and killed many of the Bani Israel and burned the Torah.

Few narrations about Daniyal alihissalam are:

Narrated Ibn Abi Al-Dunya, based on a chain of citations that Nebuchadnezzar commanded to through Prophet Daniyal (Daniel) in a pit with two starving lions, but lions did not attack him by the will of ALLAH SWT, moreover, the lions started licking Him with affection.

When then he desired food and drink, Allah revealed to Jeremiah (A.S.), who was in Sham (Palestine/Syria): “Prepare food and drink for Daniyal.” He said: “O Lord I am in Jerusalem while Daniyal is in Babylon (Iraq).” Then ALLAH SWT revealed to him: “Do what I have commanded you to do, and I shall send you the one who will carry you and what you have prepared.” Jeremiah did so and Allah sent him something that would carry him until he arrived near the pit.

Prophet Daniyal enquired: “Who are you?” He answered: “I am Jeremiah.” He asked: “What brought you?” He said: “Your Lord sent me to you.” He said: “And so my Lord has remembered me?” He said: “Yes.” Daniyal said: “Praise be to Allah Who has never forgotten me! And Praise be to Allah Who never forgets those who appeal to Him! And Praise is to Him Who compensates good with good, rewards patience with safety, dispels harm after the distress, assures us when we are overwhelmed, and is our hope when skill fails us.”

According to one more narration on account of Daniyal’s death:

Ibn Abu Dunya reported from Abu Bilal that Abu Musa found with Daniyal (Daniel) a holy script and a container in which were dirhams, his ring and ointment. He wrote to Umar, who replied: “Send the scripture to us, send some of the ointment, tell the Muslims who are with you to use it, share the dirhams among them, and leave the ring for you. Abu Bakr Ibn Abu Dunya related without citation that when Abu Musa was told that he was Daniyal, he stayed with him, embraced him, and kissed him. Then he wrote to Umar that he found with him nearly ten thousand Dhirhams. It used to be that people came to borrow from it, and if they did not return it, they became sick. Umar ordered his burial in a grave to be kept secret and the money to be sent to the treasury, with the box and the ring a gift to him (Abu Musa). It is related of Abu Musa that he told four of the captives to dam the river and dig a grave in the middle, where he buried him. Then he beheaded the four captives in order for the secret to be kept from all except himself.

Ibn Abu Dunya also reported, by a chain of citations, that a ring was seen on the hand of Ibn Abu Barda Ibn Abu Musa. The gem was carved with two lions with a man between them, whom they were licking. Abu Barda said: “This is the ring of that man whom the people of this town say is Daniyal. Abu Musa took it the day he was buried. The learned people of the town told Abu Musa that soothsayers and astrologers told the king in Daniyal’s time that a boy would be born who would destroy him and his kingdom. So the king swore to kill all the baby boys, except that they threw Daniyal in the lions’ den, and the lion and lioness began to lick him and did not harm him. His mother came and took him. Abu Musa said: “And so Daniyal carved his image and the image of the two lions into the gem of his ring, for him not to forget Allah’s blessing upon him in this.

Although there are some conflicts about the Prophethood of Daniyal (Daniel) alaihissalam as some scholars say He was a pious righteous priest. ALLAH Knows best.

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