Story of Prophet Lut (A.S.) (Lot) & People of Sodom


Prophet Lut or Lot (A.S.) was the nephew of the Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) and Lut (A.S.) was born and raised by his uncle Ibrahim (A.S.). Ibrahim (A.S.), his wife Sarah (p.b.u.h), and Lut (A.S.) left Babylon and traveled to a city called Ur, then to a place called Haran, then to Palestine and kept calling people to worship Allah (s.w.t), showed them the right path, helping the poor, then relocated to Egypt. Lut (AS) then migrated to the city of Sodom which was close to the western shore of the Dead Sea. There is no more detail about Prophet Lut’s (AS) earlier life.

Sodom was the most corrupt city during that time. Travelers passing Sodom were often waylaid and robbed by Sodom city people. But, the biggest evil act of those people was homosexuality, man had sex with a man instead of with a woman. This unnatural act was also known as sodomy. They had been doing it openly and without guilt or embarrassment.

No one in the history of mankind had ever experienced or practiced homosexuality before the people of Sodom. That’s why Allah (S.W.T.) commanded Lut (A.S.) to settle amongst them and guide them to worship Allah (S.W.T.) alone. However, they ignored and rejected Prophet Lut’s guidance and warnings, and continued their inaccurate unnatural acts.

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Prophet Lut (A.S.) Warned his People

Lut (A.S.) mentioned

Will you do not worry Allah?

interesting to them to replicate their accountability to their Creator. And assuring his folks of his absolute reliability, he added,

Certainly, I’m to you a reliable messenger. So worry Allah and obey me. And I don’t ask you for it any cost. My cost is simply from the Lord of the worlds.

(Quran 26:161-164)

As if holding up a mirror in the entrance of his folks, Lut AS tried to make them take a look at the awfulness of their perverted habits and prison behaviors.

Do you commit immorality if you are seeing? Do you indeed choose men to approach rather than ladies? Reasonably, you’re folks behaving ignorantly.

(Quran 27:54-55)

However, the response of his folks was already terribly hardened and callous

Expel the household of Lut out of your metropolis. Certainly, they’re individuals who hold themselves pure.

(Quran 27:56)

Prophet Lut (A.S.) asked

Do you commit such immorality as nobody has preceded you with from among the many worlds?

(Qur’an 7:80)

The folks merely replied with the identical phrases as earlier than, asking to drive Lut (A.S.) and his household out.

However, Prophet Lut (A.S.) ignored their threats and enmity and continued to preach and warn faithfully, repeating his message, emphasizing the error and ingratitude of turning away from the souses whom Allah had granted for the pure success of their wants.

Lut AS prayed,

My Lord, help me towards the corrupting folks.

(Qur’an 29:30)

In all the areas, only the family of Prophet Lut (A.S.) was righteous, his 2 daughters and his Wife. In his family, both of his daughters were believers, but his wife wasn’t believers, She was a Sodomite and related to the folks of the realm and her loyalty was with them.

The Angels Visit to Ibrahim (A.S.)

We return now to the Quranic narrative regarding angels who went to Ibrahim AS.

You might recall the distrust Ibrahim (A.S.) felt when he noticed that his guests didn’t touch the meals he had set for them and Ibrahim (A.S.) saying to them,

Certainly, we’re afraid of you.

(Qur’an 15:52)

Then the Angels reassured him, saying,

Don’t be afraid. We’ve been despatched to the folks of Lut.

(Qur’an 11:70).

And they introduced themselves that they are angels, despatched by Allah (S.W.T.).

The Angels gave Ibrahim and Sarah the tidings of the son who was to be born to them, the name of his son was Ishaq (Isaac) he was also a prophet. However, as soon as the matter had been addressed, Ibrahim AS, who knew effectively that angels don’t go to human beings besides for some very critical goal, returned to the topic of Lut’s AS folks.

The aged prophet requested the explanation of their go-to moreover giving him and his spouse glad tidings of a son. The angels then made their errand clear to Ibrahim AS.

Certainly, we’ve been despatched to folks of criminals

(Qur’an 15:58)

to send down upon them stones of clay, marked in the presence of your Lord for the homosexual. (Qur’an 51:33-34) – except the family of Lut

(Qur’an 15:59) ”

Certainly, we are going to save all of them except his wife.

Allah decreed that she is of those that stay behind. (Qur’an 15:59-60)

The angels repeated that they’d destroy all the folks of Sodom.

The Angels Arrive in Sodom

The three angels – mentioned to have been Jibrael (A.S.), Mikael (A.S.), and Israfil (A.S.) – then arrived on the border of Lut’s AS city within the type of very good-looking human beings.

The daughter of Lut (A.S.) was a believer, She saw the handsome men entering the city, she ran to her father and informed him of the three men. Prophet Lut (A.S.) approached the men and welcomed them. As he knew what can happen to the new men in sodom, he tried to convince the men to leave the city for their own safety. But Prophet Lut (A.S.) was too embarrassed to ask the guests to leave, so he guided the guests to his home ensuring that no one saw the three handsome men.

But, Prophet Lut’s wife was a non-believer, she saw the men entered her house together with her husband. she went out to tell her folks, saying, “In Lut’s home there are males whose like I’ve never seen, nor have I ever seen such good-looking faces. The men rejoiced at the news and gathered outside the house of Prophet Lut (A.S.).

Lut shouted:

Do not disgrace me concerning my guests. Is there not among you a man of reason?

Growing restless, the men shouted back:

Have we not forbidden you from [hosting] people?

The whole nation of Sodom had now gathered at Lut’s doorstep. They grew impatient by the minute and began breaking down his door. Feeling agitated.

Lut called out to his people:

These [the girls of the nation] are my daughters [to marry lawfully] if you must act so.

The men responded:

You have already known that we have no interest in your daughters; and indeed, you know what we want.

Lut AS cried in anguish, feeling completely powerless to save lots of the company to whom he had given the safety of his home. “If only I had against you some power or could take refuge in a strong power”, he thought. The three men then spoke up: “O Lut, indeed we are angels of your Lord; [therefore] they will never reach you.”

Angel Jibreel then stepped out of Lut’s house and struck the men causing all men to lose their eyesight.
The men were shocked and enraged, then they shouted: “What is this magic that just hit us? Where did this come from? O Lut! You are the one behind this. You will see what we will do to you tomorrow.” The blind men then returned to their homes plotting to destroy Lut the following day.

Allah (S.W.T.) commanded Lut:

So set out with your family during a portion of the night and let not any among you look back – except your wife; indeed, she will be struck by that which strikes them. Indeed, their appointment is [for] the morning. Is not the morning near?

(Qur’an 11:81)

Then it was early daybreak, Lut AS departed along with his household, besides his spouse. She remained behind and was troubled by the punishment together with the flawed doers and depraved townspeople. (Qur’an 54:34)

As he had been directed, Lut AS set out along with his household. When Lut AS and his get together had cleared the realm, the divine command got here forth to destroy Lut’s AS folks. (Qur’an 15:73-74; 7:84; 53:53-54)

Varied commentators have mentioned that angel Jibrael AS lifted up all the sinful cities into the sky along with their inhabitants, and switch them over; therefore the identify Al-Mu’tafikat, the Overturned Cities. Then Allah rained upon them a rain [of stones], and evil was the rain of those that had been warned (Qur’an 26:173) as He despatched upon them a storm of stones (Qur’an 54:34) of clay, marked within the presence of your Lord for the transgressors. (Qur’an 51:33-34).

It’s mentioned that every stone was inscribed with the identity of the particular person for whom it was meant and that the heavenly missiles struck the heads of their human targets, smashing their brains.

Prophet Lut (A.S.) and his Family (Except his wife) left Sodom and returned to his uncle Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.). Together with Ibrahim (A.S.), Lut (A.S.) continued to spread the message of Allah till his death.

Nowadays, the Dead Sea lies at the site of the corrupt city of Sodom and remains a powerful reminder of Allah’s (S.W.T.) wrath against the people of Prophet Lut (A.S.). Allah (S.W.T.) the Exalted says in the Holy Quran:

Surely! In this are signs for those who see. And verily! They (the cities) are right on the highroad (from Mecca to Syria, i.e. the place where the Dead Sea is now).

Surely! Therein is indeed a sign for the believers.

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