Story of Prophet Ishaq (A.S.) (Isaac)


In the previous posts, we already learned about Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) and his first son Prophet Ismail (A.S.). Now, we will learn about Prophet Ishaq (A.S.) In this post.

As we already know Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) was 100 years old when he had his second son Prophet Ishaq (A.S.), Prophet Ibrahim’s wife, Sarah, was 90 years old when she gave birth to Prophet Ishaq (A.S.), and Prophet Ismail (A.S.) was 14 years older than Ishaq (A.S.).

Lineage: Ishaaq (Isaac) (A.S.) – bin Ibraheem (A.S.) (Abraham) – bin Azar (Tarikh, Terah) – bin Nahur (Nahor) – bin Sarugh (Serug) – bin Ra‘u (Reu) – bin Faligh (Peleg) – bin Abir – bin Shalikh (Salah) – bin Arfakhshand (Arpachshad) – bin Sam (Shem) – bin Nuh (A.S.) (Noah) – bin Lamik (Lamech) – bin Mitushilkh (Methuselah) – bin Idris (A.S.) (Akhnukh, Enoch) bin – Yarid (Jared) – bin Mahlaeel (Mahalalel) – bin Qaynan (Kenan) – bin Anoush (Enos) – bin Sheeth (A.S.) (Seth) – bin Adam (A.S.).

After Allah (S.W.T.) gave Ismail (A.S.) to Ibrahim (A.S.), Ibrahim (A.S.) prayed to Allah (S.W.T.) that given the kid of his spouse, Sarah. His wife Sarah who’s at all times devoted to her in imposing Kalimatullah. And Allah (S.W.T.) answered his prayer and send 3 angels in humankind to convey the excellent news to him that would be the birth of a child from his wife Sarah. In addition, they inform their other goals, particularly gone to the folks of Lut (A.S.) to inflict doom them.

When the angels went to Ibrahim’s (A.S.) house, he welcomes them in addition to potential and sat them down in the lounge, then he instantly prepared food for them. Ibrahim (A.S.). Ibrahim (A.S.), coming to carry a fats calf that has been baked and serve it to them, however, they didn’t eat or drink anything that has been served to them, till lastly the Prophet conceived a concern of them, the angels additionally calm him down and inform him about themselves and provides him the glad tidings of a child who would also be Prophet.

Sarah heard their conversation, She said, how do I give birth while I am an old woman and my husband is aged?

Then his wife [hearing the glad tidings of a son] came forward with a loud voice: She smote her face and said: “[How] a barren old woman [may conceive a child]!”

(Surah al-Dhariyat – Verses 29)

Then the angel mentioned,

They [the angels] said [unto him]: “Thus says your Lord. Indeed, He is the All-Wise, the Omniscient.”

(Surah al-Dhariyat – Verses 30)

After a time, Sarah gave birth to a child who later was named Ishaq by Ibrahim (A.S.). The Holy Qur’an doesn’t give a detailed story of Prophet Ishaq (A.S.). Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) felt that his life was drawing to close. So, he wished to see Prophet Ishaq married. However, he didn’t want Ishaq (A.S.) to be married to one of the Canaanites, who were pagans. So, he sent a trustworthy servant to Haran to choose a bride for Prophet Ishaq (A.S.). The servant chooses Rafqah (Rebekah) bint Batu’il (Bethuel).

People of the Book (Jews, Christians, and Sabians) mentioned that Prophet Ishaq (A.S.) married her when his father Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) were still alive. Ishaq (A.S.) was 40 years old and his wife is barren then the Prophet Isaac prayed to Allah (S.W.T.) until his wife became pregnant and gave birth to twins babies, the first one was Esau (Eas or iish or Al-Ays) and the second one Yaqub (Jacob) and he was also a Prophet. Esau was a father of Romans and Prophet Yaqub (A.S.) is the one from all the Israelis trace their lineage. Prophet Yaqub (A.S.) is also called Israel.

Prophet Ishaq (A.S.) Lived Preaching Islam for 180 years. He died in the land of ash-Sham. He was buried next to his father in the same cave where Ibrahim (A.S.) and Sarah were buried, in Al-Khalil (Hebron), Palestine.

Our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Sallallaahu Alaihi wa Sallam additionally praised Prophet Ishaq (A.S.) in his saying,

The noble son of the noble son of the noble son of the nobleman is Yusuf the son of Yaqub, son of Ishaq, son of Ibrahim (Peace be upon them all).

(Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)


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