Prophet Aramaya (Jeremiah) Alaihissalam


Prophet Aramaya (Jeremiah) alaihissalam is regarded as a Prophet in Islam and Hebrew Bible however He is not mentioned in the Quran by name. Although, He is described by Muslim scholars in various Islamic literature. Prophet Aramaya was also sent for the guidance of Bani Israel and tried his best to guide them to turn to ALLAH SWT like previous Prophets.

After the death of Sulaiman Alaihissalam, the situation of Bani Israel worsened. 300 years passed after the death of Prophet Sulaiman Aaihisslam, Israelites continued killing the Prophets that were sent for their guidance. They kept forgetting the message of Islam and indulged in Idol worship especially the Idol Ba’al.

Ba’al was considered as the father of all the Idols and Bani Israel worshipped Ba’al and many other Idols as well and considered Ba’al as the Lord of earth, rain, and heaven.

ALLAH SWT sent Prophet Aramaya Alaihissalam to guide them towards the true religion and stop the Idol worship. Prophet Aramaya Alaihissalam was sent as the last warning to Bani Israel and He tried His best to remind them about the oneness of ALLAH SWT and the true religion Islam. However, Bani Israel again refused him as they did earlier with other Prophets and imprisoned the Prophet.

As a punishment for their misdeed, ALLAH SWT sent Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon who attacked and destroyed the people of Israel. One-third of the population of Israel was killed and king Nabuchadnezz ruled Israel. Their houses and temples were demolished. They were cruel to the kids and women however they did not harm the old and disabled people.

When the king of Babylon got to know about the imprisonment of Prophet Aramaya alaihissalam, He ordered his people to release Prophet Aramaya Alaihissalam. King was impressed by Prophet Aramaya alaihissalam and accepted his prophethood.

Prophet Aramaya Alaihissalam was set free and continued to remind the Bani Israel to seek forgiveness from ALLAH SWT and return to the truth and worship ALLAH SWT alone. He advised them to unite together and set up their town once again. But, they again disobeyed and refused to listen to Him even after witnessing so many punishments. They spread all over the world.
And ALLAH knows best

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