Hazrat Daniyal (Daniel) Alaihissalam


Hazrat Daniyal (Daniel) alihissalam was one of the Prophets sent to the children of Israel. He is not mentioned in the Quran by name, however, there are some hadiths and Islamic narrations which give details about Him. On account of some Muslim traditions, it is said that Daniyal alaihissalam preached in Babylon and reminded the … Read more

Prophet Aramaya (Jeremiah) Alaihissalam


Prophet Aramaya (Jeremiah) alaihissalam is regarded as a Prophet in Islam and Hebrew Bible however He is not mentioned in the Quran by name. Although, He is described by Muslim scholars in various Islamic literature. Prophet Aramaya was also sent for the guidance of Bani Israel and tried his best to guide them to turn … Read more

Story of Prophet Sulaiman Alaihissalam


Prophet Sulaiman was the son of Prophet Dawud who was a wise king of the Israelites. Prophet Sulaiman was born in Jerusalem, Palestine. He was a great learner and observer and learned a lot from his father Dawud . Prophet Sulaiman is mentioned in the Holy Quran by his name 17 times in 16 verses, … Read more

Story Of Prophet Dawud Alaihissalam


Prophet Dawud alaihissalam was one of the righteous people of Banu Israel who joined the army of Banu Israel when he was a very young boy. He was among those who agreed upon fighting with the people of Jerusalem to capture the Holy land as commanded by ALLAH SWT. Prophet Dawud alaihissalam is known as … Read more

Story of Prophet Al-Yasa alaihissalam


Prophet Al-Yasa also referred to as Elisha was one of the prophets of ALLAH (SWT) sent down for the guidance of Banu-Israel. It is mentioned in some narrations that Prophet Al-Yasa alaihissalam was the cousin of Prophet Ilyas alaihissalam and grew under His care. Also, he was the successor of Ilyas alaihissalam. Prophet Al-yasa is … Read more

Story of Prophet Ilyas alaihissalam – Elijah in Islam


Prophet Ilyas (Elijah) alaihissalam also spelled Elias was the descendent of Prophet Haroon alaihissalam. He was sent to guide the children of Israel to the truth and invite them towards Tawheed. Prophet Ilyas alaihissalam is first mentioned as a prophet in surah Al-Anam – And Zechariah and John and Jesus and Elias – and all … Read more

Story of Prophet Yunus Alaihissalam


Prophet Yunus (as) was chosen by ALLAH SWT for prophethood to guide the people of Nineveh to the truth and spread the message of ALLAH SWT. He was an ordinary man among the people of Nineveh and he spent a long time in Nineveh trying hard to invite people towards the path of truth, believing … Read more

Story of Prophet Dhul-Kifl (Zulkifli)


ALLAH SWT sent thousands of prophets for the guidance of humankind one after another. The children of Israel have been the most stubborn and were easily deviated from the true religion every time. There were many Prophets sent down for the children of Israel in each generation but they did not follow the Prophets and … Read more

Story Of Prophet Hizqeel Alaihissalam


It is stated by Mohammad ibn Ishaaq that Prophet Hizqeel alaihissalam succeeded the Israelis as a prophet after Prophet yusha Alaihissalam. Though Prophet Hizqeel alaihissalam is not mentioned in the Quran by his name, however, ALLAH SWT mentioned him in the Holy Quran in surah Al-Baqarah. The literal meaning of Hizqeel is Might of ALLAH … Read more

Story of Prophet Yusha Alihissalam


Yusha bin Nun was a Prophet of ALLAH SWT and was the direct descendent of Prophet Yusuf alaihissalam. He was the disciple of Prophet Musa alaihissalam and carried out his work after his death. He is not very much mentioned in Quran like other Prophets. He is mentioned in the Quran twice, without his name … Read more