Life Story Of Prophet Nuh AS ( Prophet Noah) In Islam


Family tree of Prophet Nuh A.S. (Noah) He was Nuh A.S. (Noah) ibn Lamik, ibn Mitoshilkh, ibn Idris A.S. (Enoch), ibn Yard, ibn Mahlabeel, ibn Qinan, ibn Anoush, ibn Sheeth (Seth), ibn Adam A.S., the father of Mankind. Ibn Abbas narrated that the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) stated: “The interval between Adam AS and Nooh AS … Read more

The Story Of Prophet Idris (A.S.) ( Prophet Enoch) In Islam

The Story of the Prophet Idris AS (Enoch)

Prophet Idris (A.S.) (Enoch) was born at the time of Adam (A.S.). In order that they each met one another. So Idris (A.S.) born throughout Adam’s lifetime and he lived 120 years of Adam’s life. He was thereafter which he lived throughout Sheeth (A.S.) (Seth) lifetime. Prophet Idris (A.S.) is also known as Akhnukh. His … Read more