Durood Sharif Collection 2

Durood-e-Alfi Durood-e-Roohi Durood-e-Shifa Durood-e-Inaam Durood-e-Awal Durood-e-Taj Durood-e-Muqaddas Durood-e-Da’im Durood-e-Haq Durood-e-Mustafa Durood Salaatul Sa’aadat Durood-e-Radawiyya Durood-e-Isme Azam Durood Virtues of 1000 Days Durood-e-Malwaan

Durood Sharif Collection 1

Benefits of Reciting Durood Sharif Translation Undoubtedly, Allah and His angels send blessings on the prophet the Communicator of unseen news, O you who believe! Send upon him blessings and salute him fully well in abundance. (Kanz-ul-Eeman) Durood-e-Ibrahimi Durood-e-Nahariya Durood-e-Fath Durood-e-Shafi’i Durood-e-Dawaami Durood-e-Tunajjina Durood-e-Quraani Durood-e-Sadaqah Durood-e-Wali Durood-e-Ali Durood-e-Ghausia Durood-e-Akbar Durood-e-Noor Durood-e-Nabi Durood-e-Taiyab