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“O AllahD! Send blessings upon our leader Muhammad
H as long as there is the interchange of night and day, as long as the morning and the evening follow one behind the other, as long as the night and day repeat themselves jointly, and as long as the two bright stars (of Ursa Minor) remain fixed in their places, send from us our gift and peace on his soul and the souls of his family members and send peace and blessings on him abundantly”

Benefits of Durood-e-Malwaan

The person who recites Durood-e-Malwaan once, gets the Reward(Sawaab) as reciting 10,000 Durood Shareefs. By reciting one Tasbeeh of this Durood Shareef 100 X 10,000 = 1000,000 Duroods! In Ramadaan 1 million X 10 = 10 million Duroods!

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Visit Dar-us-Salam.com and Learn about the Prophet's Life.

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