Durood-e-Nahariya with English Translation


Durood-e-Nahariya with English Translation

“O AllahD! Every moment and in every breath, bestow complete and the best blessings and perfect peace which is endless on MuhammadH, our master, and on his descendants and his Companions, and may, for His Sake, all our troubles and tortures be over, calamities ended, and all our needs fulfilled, all our cherished desires attained, and good ends vouch-saved, and clouds are laden with water through the glorious countenance of ProphetH. The perfect blessings and peace on the Prophet’s House, his Family and his Companions every instance in number equal to the count of all things in Thy Knowledge”

Durood Sharif Collection 1

Durood Sharif Collection 2

Reference: madinasharif.wordpress.com/durood-sharif-nos-11-20/

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