Translation of Durood-e-Taiyab

“O AllahD! Shower Thy beneficence on Hazrat MuhammadH, Thy slave and Thy Messenger, the Prophet who could neither read nor write, and on the House of MuhammadH. O Allah! Shower Thy blessings on MuhammadH, and on his House such blessings as may earn Thy Pleasure, and as may re-compensate him as will be goodly need of his merit, and grant him the way of approach and elevate him to the most glorious positions which Thou has promised, and give him on our behalf the most beautiful requital and a reward more excellent than one granted by Thee to any Prophet on behalf of the people, and shower blessings on his brethren from amongst the Prophets and Righteous, O! The Most Beneficent”

Durood Sharif Collection 1

Durood Sharif Collection 2

Reference: madinasharif.wordpress.com/durood-sharif-nos-11-20/

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