113. Surah Al-Falaq

Surah: 113
Title: Al-Falaq (The Daybreak, The Dawn)
verses: 5
words: 23
letters: 71

Surah Al-Falak

Regarding the revelation of Surah al Falaq, Prophet Muhammad H said in one of His hadiths:

“Allah has revealed verses the like of which you have never seen: Say, I seek refuge in the Lord of the people, and: Say, I seek refuge in the Lord of the daybreak.” (Tirmidhi)

Hazrat Aisha J reported that : “Before sleeping Prophet Muhammad H would recite the last three Surahs of Quran (Surah AL- Ikhlas (112), Surah AL-Falkaq (113) and Surah Al-Nas (114)) and then would blow it onto His hands and then wipe the hands all over His body.” (Bukhari)

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