Early life of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]

Birth Of Prophet Muhammad [Pbuh]

There is disagreement in the absolute history of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) births, A Writer from Europe named “Mark Brushwell” writes: Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)was born on 20 August 570 AD. But based on the research of Mahmood pasha(Research Scholar), an Egyptian Historian name “AllamaShibli” – writes that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)was born on 20 April 571 AD.

Amina BintWahab(the prophet’s mother) was the most pious and respectful woman of Qureshi’s sub-tribe BaniZehra who got married to Abdullah (The famous and generous trader of Makkah).

After few months of marriage while returning from trading convey Abdullah passed away in Madina. Amina then arrived at Makkah where Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was born.

Upbringing OfProphet Muhammad [PBUH]

Back then there was a strange custom among Arabs where the newborn babies would be handed to pastoral women who would raise these babies, following custom even Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was adopted by a poor pastoral woman named Dai-Halima who raised him for 6 years. When Prophet Muhammad was 6 years old his mother Amina also passed away post which his Grandfather Abdul Mutalib become his guardian and raised him with love and great values. But to the grief of Prophet Muhammad, even his grandfather died after 2 years post which his uncle took his responsibility. His uncle loved him more than his own kids and raised him with great care.

Youth PhaseOf Our Beloved Prophet [PBUH]

When Prophet Muhammad was only 15 years old, he participated in a war which was between Quresh and Banikhais which is called as Harb-e-Fajr.

Sympathy and compassion were the nature of the prophet right from his childhood and he was so honest that he become famous with the name Ameen(faithful and trustworthy) among Qureshi’s.

When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) entered the Youth phase of his life he chooses trading as his occupation and due to which he often used to travel to Sham(Currently known as Syria) and Basra (A city in Iraq).

He was the man who always ensured to fulfill the promises with honesty and loyalty. His nature of honesty, loyalty, and kindness attracted a Qureshi’s wealthy and respected widow- Khadijah(RH), who then requested Prophet Muhammad PHUB to export her goods to trade in Sham. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) accepted the deal and his hard work, loyalty, and honesty resulted him great success which doubled his profit.

Khadijah’s (RA) slave who was also Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) companion during the whole journey of Sham narrated and described the nature and character of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Whichattracted and impressed her so much that she sent him a marriage proposal which was also accepted by him.

At the time of marriage Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was 25 years old and Kadijah (RA) was 40 years old. All his children are born of Kadijah (RA) except 1 child of Maria al- Qibtiyyas.

Prophethood(Nabuwat) Of The Last Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]

It is reported that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) usually secluded himself in an abandoned cave called Ghaar-e-Hira which is located in the outskirts of Makkah. He uses to meditate and praise the creations of Allah. His heart was in search of something unknown to him and the quest of putting an end to his search always kept him restlessness.

When the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was nearing, he uses to receive the divine signs of the same through dreams.

And one day as usual when he was busy meditating in Ghar-E-Hira, he received the first revelation from Allah through the Angel Jibrael (AS) who asked to read, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) replied – “I don’t know to read”. Angel Jibrael (AS) embraced Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) tightly and again asked to read, to which he replied again that he doesn’t know read, this was repeated 3 times in a row. Then Angle Jibrael recited the starting verses from Surah-Al-Iqra and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) repeated the verses after which Angle Jibrael went back.

After returning home prophet Muhammad (PBUH) narrated the entire incident to his wife Khadijah (RA), She pacified him and took him to his cousin brother Warqa Bin Naufil who was the scholar of Taurat and Injeel (Gospel). Upon narrating the whole incident to him, On hearing the incident he revealed the fact to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that the Angle who he met was the same who use to visit even the Prophet Moosa (AS). He also added that Muhammad will also be a prophet of his times who has to face hardship and all the wrath of his own people and come what may he has to be bold and stay strong.

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