The Prophet (S.A.W.) is taken back to his Mother

The Prophet Muhammad is taken back to his Mother

Story of Prophet Muhammad – Part 3: Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) Is Given To A Foster Mother

Story of Prophet Muhammad – Part 4: The Prophet (S.A.W.) is taken back to his Mother

The master of the universe Prophet Muhammad SAW was under the care of Bibi Halima for almost four years. Halima RA nourished Him and raised him with utmost compassion and care and He grew stronger and more robust than other kids of His age.

The time of separation arrived and Halima became anxious about Prophet Muhammad SAWspecially after the incident of his chest being slit open. She was scared of any mishappening or ill fate upon the Prophet SAW.

So they decided to take the beloved kid to His mother.

Halima traveled to Mecca at night with her husband and Prophet Muhammad SAW. Our Beloved Master of the universe SAW disappeared after some time during their journey.  Halima became anxious, as did her husband. They proceeded to tell Abdulmuttalib, his grandfather.

As soon as Abdulmuttalib found that his adorable grandson was missing, the gentle grandfather was overcome with worry. He hurried to look for him out of sadness. Our Master, however, hadn’t been to be found. Abdulmuttalib pleaded with his Lord, begging for His grandson: “Please return my Muhammad to me,”

During that moment, they witnessed two people standing next to one another with a child. They were our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Waraqa bin Nawfal, a close companion of Waraqa. When Abdulmuttalib finally got his lovely grandson, he pressed him to his chest, gave him a hearty hug, and then mounted Him on his neck. They approached the Kaa’ba directly and walked around it together. The Holy Prophet SAW was then brought to His mother by him.

In an effort to make her son the away from the sufferings of being orphaned, Hazrat Amina made every effort to embrace him with the deepest love and compassion.

Halima felt as if she had been punched in the heart by being separated from her husband Abdullah, who passed tragically in the first few months of their marriage. Even though the anguish had somewhat subsided, Muhammad SAW, her lone child, was her only source of comfort to her ailing heart.

Abdulmuttalib so was extremely delighted at the return of his beloved grandson that he sacrificed a few animals and distributed the among the people of Macca to celebrate his happiness.

Bibi Halima, headed back to her native country with a heavy heart after returning her beloved sunshine, Her foster son whom she nourished with enormous love and compassion.  neither Halima RA nor our beloved Prophet forgot each other throughout their entire lives. The reverence and regard he had for His foster mother who nourished him for four years never faded. Every time he saw her, he would refer to her as “mother dearest,” speak to her with great honor and deference and always treat her nicely. He would frequently check to see whether she needed anything, and if so, he would act quickly to meet those requirements.

Mother Amina was amazed to witness the kindness and gentleness and cleanliness her beloved son had for his mother and toward others as well. He was always willing to help his mother, even when he was a young child.

Indeed ALLAH SWT was raising this radiant child to be the master of the universe who would uphold the holiest and highest duties of prophethood and would be the guide for the entire world. He is known to be the most disciplined and the one with the best character and manner.

After a year or so, Hazrat Amina urged to travel to Madina to visit the sons of Adiyy bin Najjar, who were her maternal uncles through Abdumuttalib’s mother, and also to visit the grave of her fortunate husband who had been buried there.

Hazrat Amina left Medina with her lovely child and His nanny Umm Ayman. They completed their long and tiring journey, which took place on the hottest days of the season and reached Medina. They went to the residence of Nabigha, who was the nephew of our Holy Prophet.

She visited the grave of her beloved husband with Prophet Muhammad SAW with a heart full of pain and eyes full of tears. Looking at her mother’s cry Prophet Muhammad SAW also felt the pain of orphanhood and cried at his father’s grave.

On their way back to Macca, dearest mother Amina took her last breath and afterwards the grandfather Abdul Muttalib took him under custody.

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