Amazing Benefits of Surah At-Takasur

Amazing Benefits of Surah At-Takasur

Surah At-Takasur is the 102nd Surah of the Glorious Quran and consists of 8 ayahs. The meaning of Takaasur is “Competition/Rivalry(for gathering the worldly things)”.ALLAH (S.W.T.) guides and warns us through HIS pious book AL-Quran. Every verse of the Holy book is full of knowledge and guidance for the human being. Like various other Surahs of the Quran, this Surah has its own specifications and Benefits.

In this Surah, ALLAH SWT reminds and warns the people who are running after the worldly gains and has become forgetful of what our deen says.

The following Hadeeths describe the virtues of Surah At-Takasur:

  • Mutarrif bin Abdullah bin Ash-Shikh-khir reported from his father, that he went to the Prophet and he was reciting Surah At-Takaasur: He said: “The son of Adam says: ‘My wealth, my wealth.’ And do you own anything except what you give in charity, such that you’ve spent it, or what you eat, such that you’ve finished it, or you wear, such that you’ve worn it out?(Riyad as-Salihin Book 1,Hadith 483).
  • It was narrated from Mutarrif, from his father, that the Prophet said: “The mutual rivalry (for piling up of worldly things) diverts you, ‘Until you visit the graves (i.e. till you die).’ The son of Adam says: ‘My wealth, my wealth,’ but your wealth is what you eat and consume, or what you wear and it wears out, or what you give in charity and send on ahead. Sunan-an-Nasa’I 3613.
  • Benefits and Virtues of reciting Surah at-Takaasur:

  • Read Surah Takasur for headache or migraine pains to get instant relief. Put your index finger on your forehead and recite this blessed Surah and ALLAH SWT will ease your pain Insha ALLAH.
  • ALLAH SWT forgives the sins of the believers, who recite Surah At-Takasur just one time everyday, after maghrib prayer.Insa ALLAH.
  • If you want to get rid of debts, read Surah At-Takaasur 170 times after the isha prayer for seventeen days. Isha ALLAH, you will be free of all your debts with the help of ALLAH SWT.
  • If a person is having an insatiable wish of richness and worldly gains, he/must recite Surah At-Takasur after Fajr prayer 3 times and blow on themselves or to the one whom you want to get rid of the greediness.
  • If a miser person wants to overcome his habit of stinginess, he/she should read Surah At-Takaasur 21 times after the fajr prayer. And if you want someone to get rid of this habit, then recite the Surah 21 times after fajr prayer and blow on the person or over his food/water. InshaALLA, his/her heart will be free from misery.
  • One of the tremendous benefits of reciting Surah At-Takaasur is that if a person wishes to see/converse with their deceased loved ones/parents, then he/she must recite Surah At-Takasur on Friday night(night between Thursday and Friday) before sleeping 113 times(read durood shareef11 times at start and end), and make dua to ALLAH SWT. YOU will be able to see your deceased parents or loved ones insha’Allah.

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